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in March dd hadn't had only 2 accidents in a week and had been asking to use the potty, staying dry at night.
Then we went to visit my family and the day after we got there my grandmother was hospitalized and went into comatose. I spent 3 days and nights there, dd with me partially being taken care of by friends and family. I didn't get to take her to the toilet as often as I should have (I was physically and emotionally exhausted and did good enough to change her diaper). She also went into disposables that week as I couldn't do laundry in the hospital.
My grandmother passed away after 3 days and then there was the funeral. The day she died dh came into town but we still didn't do much better getting her to the toilet as we had so many plans to make for her service.

Since then she sporadiacally uses the toilet. She uses it first thing about 75% of the time and then 1-2 other times during the day.
I've since started caring for a little boy and dd doesn't want to take a break from playing to pee so she prefers her diaper.

dh is getting really frustrated. He gives her this really disappointed look and askes her "Why did you do that?" and just seems really upset (not yelling but more of a manner in which it would make you feel really ashamed). Tonight he was evening saying some things like "only babies pee in diapers" and "I thought you were big but I guess not"
I immediately asked him to stop and told him that I didn't think talking to her like that would help.

I asked him why he got so upset about her having an accident and he said its like when a dog pees on a carpet

I just don't get it. I think he understands now that what he was saying isn't helping anything (in fact dd was just saying "I pee like a baby" in a very happy voice).

Have you or your partner ever reacted like this to potty accidents?
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