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My husband had a headache for several hours yesterday. He ate, drank water, relaxed, still it stayed on. Near bedtime he took tylenol, I'm thinking maybe this caused the problems, but I've never heard of something like this and he'd taken it many times before.

About 45 minutes after this, I'm not sure this has anything to do with it but we had sex about 15 minutes before this started, Anyway, he started sweating from his face a lot, felt clammy, a little nausous and his sinuses were draining like crazy into his mouth, which they never do he is chronically stuffed up. He was sorta irrational, crying and confused, later said he felt extremely happy and sad all at once. Later we discovered blood on his hands, I think from a nosebleed (the drainage?) but I didn't see any coming from his nose. After sitting up for a while in this state he fell half asleep, still sitting up, and it was pretty much over when he woke up ~2 minutes later, he was just weak and shaky after that. He was fine this morning.

I know tylenol can cause nosebleeds since it thins the blood, but what about the rest of that? Could it have been a migrane triggering all those wierd things? He's had migranes before but never that stuff. Food poisoning possibly? At the time it seemed to me like he'd gotten dosed with drugs or something, lsd or shrums I dunno, but he was home all evening and we don't do that. I'm so confused. Anybody have a clue?
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