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DH is not here....HELP!!!

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I'm so sorry you're going through this - it sounds very difficult. The only thing I can think of is to prepare her for night time throughout the day by reminding her "tonight mommy is going to do story time before bed" (or something like that), so that when the time comes it's not a rude shock to her. I know that if I prepare my dd like that (say if she'll be at a babysitter's for her nap) it works much better than if I don't prepare her.

Good luck!
i also have 17 m is the other way round...ds would scream for me....
....if you werent pg i would suggest sling....maybe you can take her in the stroller for a walk....ds sometimes gets asleep in the stroller...
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Could your DH record a tape of him reading stories or singing songs that she could listen to while you and she snuggle together? You could also try putting a picture of your DH right by your bed while you listen together.

I also agree with a PP who said to talk to your DD throughout the day about how bedtime will be different. My DS tends to handle change much better if I talk, and talk, and talk about it in advance.

That's tough. Routine is a big deal for toddlers. It might be helpful to come up with your own bedtime routine with her-- singing songs instead of reading, for example-- something she doesn't associate with daddy. I'd also try doing bedtime myself on a more regular basis, so it's a more familiar routine for her.
I like the suggestion of singing instead of reading. Might help her transition since it's not something that daddy does.

Have you tried putting her in the car? When my dd is super tired, the car does the trick.

Hope it gets better soon!
I was going to suggest your DH recording his voice reading something or singing to her too. It may "ease" her a bit.
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