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dh just interviewed for job in anchorage...

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and i wan't to find out more about it. most of the people i mention this to flip out and say stuff like there is no daylight there and they have a high suicide rate due to that and other weather factors. then i ask them if they've ever been there and the answer is usally no (aren't people funny like that). anyway i wanted to get the scoop from someone who lives there (and has similar ideas about mothering for a future contact if dh gets the job).

sorry about the typing, i'm bf

tryin' to keep it simple,
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OMG, Anchorage is the best place in the whole world to live!!! And phooey on the suicide/depression/drinking cr*p. Just get outside everyday and buy a full spectrum light if you need more sunshine.
We have a 400 watt light in our house for our indoor garden and it lights us up like a Christmas tree. :LOL

Just pray it's a really snowy winter b/c then the moon and stars reflect off the snow and it's gorgeous and light out.

I really believe the key is to stay active. The people I know who've had problems usually have chosen to be housebound.

Good luck!
Well, speaking as someone who was born and raised in Anchorage, I think it's a DARN SPIFFY place to live! Both of my brothers are raising their families in Alaska (one's in Wasilla and one's in North Pole.) My SIL has 4 kids and is homeschooling and all the kids are energetic, fabulous kids. Interested and interesting & they do tons of stuff.

Yes, it gets dark in the winter. My experience with Anchorage is that it gets light around 9AM and the sun is heading down at 3:30 in the dead of winter . BUT the flip side of that is that in the summer, when there's no snow and your kids are not in school, it just doesn't get completely dark. VERY nice.

There's so much open space in Anchorage and so many great outdoor activities. My brothers fared better there than I did because I was into theatre and the arts and they were into sports & outdoor stuff, so that's why I didn't stay. I still miss it, though. My brother is into skiing and snowmachining in a big way - he hunts, he flies, he hikes, he goes out into the wilderness and his kids all go along, insanely swims in the ocean and does triathalons (which his oldest has started participating in with him). Fabulous experiences with nature that you can't get anywhere else. My other brothers girls are more into the arts -- one of them won a statewide competition playing her French Horn and is heading for a music conservatory in the lower 48 next year & wants to play for a major symphony -- so there's opportunities for everything.

The depression thing because of the light -- I never felt that and I never knew anyone who really did. We had stuff to do, you know? Now, if you were alone in a fishing cabin for months at a time with no place to go, I could see that - but there's LOTS of stuff to do and groups to get involved with in Anchorage.
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anchorage is the best. i missed it so much that we are currently in transit back there from hawaii...with no jobs or anything waiting for us
ditto on being active being the key, but also something about the extremity does it for me too. i get depressed in CA in winter when it is dark at 5pm and dreary, but not in AK when it is dark at 3pm and 5 below zero. come join us!
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but he he trying to spred his name around. He works for the Army Corps of Engineers. So he' s getting other names at the Anchorage District that may be interested in him. I'll keep you posted.

Keep it Simple,
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