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Need some help/advice! I go to lots of trouble (and expense sometimes, sometimes not) to make sure our house and food is as chemical free as possible. HOWEVER, DH is determined to put Scott's down on our lawn again, and this year I am going to FIGHT!<br><br>
I made sure not to mention it at all hoping he would forget about the pre-emergent weed and feed, and he did forget (he isn't willing to spend the $ on corn gluten meal). It took him a few days to be convinced that weed/feed wasn't worth the money and he was too late (the forsythia finished blooming at least 2 weeks ago, the crabgrass is already 5" across). So instead he came home w/ Scott's broadleaf control/fertilizer! Besides the fact that it is most effective to apply in the fall, it is an herbicide too! I may be able to at least postpone the broadleaf until fall, but not the fertilizer.<br><br>
So, what do you do when DH thinks chemicals are the only way? I noticed that Scott's is selling an organic fertilizer now, he may be more inclined to buy it because it is 'Scott's'... What would you do? I can't lift the bags of cr*p that he bought at Home Depot so I can't just go and return it (and he would be really really pissed, i did grab the receipt before he pitched it) but I was thinking of just going and buying an organic fertilizer ONLY and just bringing it home and giving him an easy alternative.<br><br>
1. Where do you buy CGM? Do you find good deals off season? Can you buy in the fall and will it be OK in the spring/summer?<br>
2. What fertilizer do you use and where do you get it? (I know, compost is the best, that ain't happin w/ DH). I need the prepackaged stuff, has anyone used/heard anything about Scott's organic?<br>
3. Is there a natural broadleaf control product out there?<br><br>
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!!!!!
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