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DH lets DS sleep in - I'm getting NO sleep!

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It is 10:40 am. I just called from work and woke DH up. He and DS were asleep on the couch. I called an hour ago to get them up and DH went back to sleep. DS was up ALL NIGHT last night. I am getting NO sleep because DH lets DS sleep all morning, then he wants to play all night. I get up at 5:30 am. I usually try to get to bed around 10. DH doesn't get home till 1 am most nights, so I'm stuck getting the kiddo to sleep, but nothing I try works because he spent the whole morning sleeping. His afternoon nap used to be around 2, now it's at 7 (I've tried keeping him up playing, but he just conks out on the floor).

I've talked to DH about the amount of sleep I'm getting (or not getting) and how he needs to get DS up earlier so that I can get some rest. I call him from work to get him up at 9 or 9:30, sometimes earlier, but he just goes back to sleep after he gets off the phone. He's more focused on his need to sleep in than on my need to sleep AT ALL.

Just needed to vent. Anybody BTDT and have something to share that might help?
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I'm in a similar situation, except I get up even earlier. I leave the house at about 6 most mornings though. Sometimes if I really feel like DS has slept enough, I gently start to wake him up a little. Just give him some hugs and kisses good bye and a lot of the time he'll kind of start wiggling around a little and waking up. If he's conked out, I never push it. But it does make Dad get up to take care of him and start getting ready for the day.

It's a shame you and your DH have such opposite schedules. We used to be the exact opposite - he started work when I got off - and it was so hard to be a couple like that.
I feel for you! I am a SAHM, and my dd used to have a real struggle getting to sleep at night. When my dh wasn't home and I would be the one parenting her to sleep, it was so frustrating (especially because he was the one who was better at getting her to bed). After working all day, either at home or out of the home, it can be rough to get through that.

Having said that, I think it's a bit unfair to ask your dh to keep your dc awake if he's tired. Plus, his staying up may have less to do with an extra hour of sleep in the morning and more to do with his excitiment to see you at the end of his day. (This sometimes happens with my dh and dd.)

Do you have a good bedtime routine in place, like a bath, a story, etc.? Is your dc more willing to fall asleep if you just let him stay up a little later, or if you try to put him to sleep a little earlier? Maybe 7 p.m. could just be bedtime, instead of a nap? If you go to sleep with him he might be more willing to stay in bed. (I know when we take naps, if I nap with dd she'll sleep for 2 hours, but if she's alone she'll get up after only 1 hour.)

I wish I had magic advice for you . . . I hope it gets better soon!!!!!
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