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dh not convinced

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This evening dd peed in the Lazy Boy (whether it was on purpose or not is yet to be determined...) Anyway, my parents are visiting, so while dh and I had a little chat with dd, my Mom cleaned up the pee for us. First she blotted it up and then asked me what to use to clean it. I gave her a squirt bottle with borax in water with some peppermint EO. Borax is GREAT for urine odors. In fact, dd's urine puddles next to the toilet (which were really accidents) were making the bathroom stink, and my homemade cleaning solution really worked on it. So, tonight dh is telling my Mom that there should be some upholstery cleaner around here. I got rid of it last week. He said he had told me to keep it "just in case". I said, "just in case what?" The homemade stuff I'm making is so much healthier, plus it just plain works BETTER. And it's cheaper. And yet I'm supposed to keep a whole ton of different cleaners around "just in case".
I am in a cleaning and purging mood lately anyway, and I am NOT keeping hazardous chemicals around just because he thinks they work better. I think I'm annoyed because I am a homemaker; cleaning is part of my "job description". He should trust my judgment on this. The house is clean and smells good. And also, he shouldn't be disagreeing about it in front of my family. He made the situation way more stressful than it had to be.

Anyone else having trouble convincing dh that you don't have to buy all the special cleaning chemicals? Let me mention that when my dh would get hives as a child, his mom would put some bleach in the bath water to make them go away....

Ok, I'm done venting now....
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My dad was doubtful for a while, til I managed to clean something naturally that he had been trying to get rid of with chemicals for a while. Then he'd come to me and ask me if there was anything in my "bag of tricks" for whatever he needed.
Dh doesn't care either way, as long as it's not dirty, he's happy.
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My DH usually doesn't care...unless it's Windex.
I tried to tell and show him how much better vinegar works too, and he still goes out and BUYS Windex.

I just resorted to not using it myself. I think the reason he doesn't care about anything else is because he doesn't bother with anything else, KWIM?
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YES, my DH is the exact same way. It's very exasperating. We bought a new carpet cleaner and it came with a bottle of shampoo and he's been dying to use it, but I won't let him. I don't know why I just don't get rid of it, because every time we have a stain to get up, he goes for it. I've yet to find an alternative to put in the cleaner, but I'm working on it.
Never fails when the kids are sick My husband starts talking disinfectant. I just hand him the vinegar and EO cleaner i use for everything! Works great. He rarely gets to the store so it is not his choice.
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