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DH Rocks!

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DH had lunch with a friend today. This friend is expecting his first child in early Fall. DH asked how he had planned on parenting his DC. Friend said that he wanted to raise DC to be "independent...self sufficient". DH said, "Do you want to raise your child to be independent by letting him CIO, so that DC will know that you are not supportive and that DC should not rely on you OR do you want to raise DC to be independent by nurturing him, co-sleeping (either in the same room or family bed), and therefore showing DC that you are there for them and support them?". His friend had no comment - hopefully it made him think twice about his choices.

Then DH went on to explain how CIO is bad, why people CIO, why you should not CIO, he also spoke about the family bed, co-sleeping, and what it's like to be an AP parent.

I had no idea that DH was such an AP advocate. I am so proud of him
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Yea!! I know how you feel, I'm so proud when my dh speaks up with his friends about the things we do/don't do.
Good Daddy! I'm proud of him too! Mine took a while to catch on, but now asks why women we see aren't doing certain things that we've decided we will do.
That is so beautiful! My dp talks to anyone who will listen about natural family living! I love being impressed by men
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Doesn't it just make your heart swell when they do that?
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