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DH said something so sweet..

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OK, so my DS is now 8 months and I plan on practicing CLW. However, my DH seemed unsure of that decision for a long time now. Well, we were on a bus tour the other day with a bunch of other soldiers and one of them made a comment that " He is STILL BF? I thought they only do that for 3 months??"

I kinda was stopped for a second thinking of how to reply when I hear my DH say "No man, like at least for 2 years!! It's the best thing for them!"
I fell in love all over again. I am so glad I will have someone to support me through my ENTIRE BF relationship
I knew all of you mamas would understand how sweet that seemed to me, though my mother thought it was crazy and weird
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Awwww, that's wonderful! Give your dh a pat on the back for me.
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Add one from me, too...
to your DH!!
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What a smart man you have!
Wow! I love a strong a decisive reply like that!
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Thanks ladies, he is a great man. However, enough comments because his head barely fit out the door this morning
He thinks its great I have a place to go where everyone thinks like us(or close to it
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that's so sweet! it would be really hard without our dh's support!
awww.. now stuff like THAT is what's sexy!
I love it when DH is strong in his convictions like that
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aww come on! move over momma, i wanna marry your man!

good thing i've got one just like him at my house!
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That is so cool! I love it when the DH has absorbed what we've been saying even if they don't act like they're listening at the time.
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