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DH supports co-sleeping!

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Dh is supportive of co-sleeping! I had no idea. Well, we had never considered co-sleeping before dd came along and knew nothing of AP style parenting. When dd was almost 2 months old I got invited to an AP play group. Shortly after that I discovered the joys of c'ding and sling-wearing baby. DD was already sleeping in her own crib and sleeping through the night on a regular basis, so I didn't give co-sleeping a second thought.

Well, last night, just before going to sleep I had dd in bed to nurse her, and then I took her back to her crib. DH says, "co-sleeping wouldn't be so bad if we had a queen size bed, but it just isn't practical with a full-size bed." At this point I still don't get it that he is supportive of the idea, and I say, that there are things that appeal to me about co-sleeping, but things that definitely don't. He says, "like what?" suggesting that he can't imagine what would not appeal to me. I was really surprised. Well, we ended up discussing co-sleeping options for our next baby. Dd is 5 months old now, and I don't think we will change our current sleeping situation as she is sleeping through the night and she actually doesn't sleep well with us. She kicks and tosses and turns all night. We end up not being able to sleep. But I think we will look for a house, next time we move, that has a bedroom large enough to accomodate a co-sleeping bassinet, and eventually a crib. The main thing I don't like about not co-sleeping is that I am denying my maternal instinct to have dd close. She started out sleeping in a bassinet in our room and I never had this problem. It wasn't till she started sleeping in her own room that I started feeling this way. But we do sleep well at night, and so does she, so I guess it's working okay.
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