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One other thing to consider, what is his tone when he says these things? Is it matter of fact or is it with intent to hurt? If it's the former then it does make it a little easier to deal with it as a cultural thing. If it's intent to hurt tone then it's another problem altogether.

I'm not Dutch but my family is Lebanese. You never, ever compliment a child by telling them they're pretty or cute or amazing b/c you might attract the evil the eye. None of my family ever complimented me growing up. I'm pretty sure it's pan-Arab. Also, mothers will threaten to cut their children's hands off if they insist on continuining to touch something they shouldn't or beat the bottom of their feet if they don't stand still, etc., etc. Things, as a 3rd generation I could never say to my child but are perfectly normal for them.

So if his is a cultural thing it would probably help you a lot to understand why and where it comes from to give you the ability to effectively communicate why it bothers you. The Dutch may be that way b/c they don't want their children to get a big head or b/c they view life as a "matter of fact" endeavor or they hold a great belief in not exagerrating or lying about things. None of this excuses it if it makes you uncomfortable but at least understanding why he does it might prevent hurt feelings and enable you to stop him from doing it.
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