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dh washed a wool cover

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in the washing machine. on hot. and put it in the drier.


he thought he was being helpful throwing in the diaper dd was wearing when he changed her into the load he was about to do. witch was helpful, except he put the cover in too. it was my only wool cover, so i'd never given him the "how to wash" lecture about it.

luckily it wasn't anything special, just a freebie from a friend, and wasnt' very pretty. but still, what a waste.
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That stinks. Would it fit a nb? Maybe you could sell it at a nb soaker.
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Before you RIP it, go to the sticky "Resources" and look under wool care. There you will find instructions on how to resize a shrunken wool cover that basically involves soaking it in hair conditioner and gently stretching. Other mamas have reported success with this technique, give it a try~

I think it's happened to most of us wool users at one time or another...mine was a Sugar Peas
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i think i'm going to use it as an excuse to buy a "good" wool cover
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