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DHA and Lutein rich foods for my albino dd??

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Please you ladies that know so much about breastfeeding and nutrition help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter is albino (most albino people have blue eyes, you can see her pictures on our website )
As a result of her albinism she does not have enough pigment in her retna and is very very delayed visually and there is a good chance she will always be considered legally blind. I have read though that DHA and Lutien both help people increase and maintain their eye pigment. I need to know the best ways to get those nutrients to my daughter. She is 5 months old. I've read the higher my diet is in these nutrients the more of them will be passed onto through my breastmilk. I don't want to eat too much of something that will hurt her though either.

Right now I'm thinking that a good way to go would be to take bilberry with Lutein supplement everyday, a gelcap of codliver oil everyday, eat canned wild caught alaskan salmon 2-3 times a week, eat 2-3 eggs with extra DHA in them a week. Can anyone tell me if these are okay amounts or if it would be okay to take more of anything or something different to help my baby digest and get the most dha and lutein possible? I know that you have to be careful not to eat too much fish because of mercury- how much can I eat?

When will she be old enough to eat egg yolks or salmon?

If anyone knows ANYTHING about foods that help with eye development that I can eat or ones she can eat and when please please tell me, you can respond on here, pm me or, or contact me through our website. If I can do anything to keep my daughter from being permanently legally blind I want to do it!
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Natural vitamin A not just lutein is essential for the retina:

You should be taking a tablespoon of high vitamin cod liver oil/day as a bf'ing mama. I would consider more if you have been deficient in vitamin A while pg and nursing. It takes a while for the body to re-stock its stores.

Blue Ice talked about in other thread is a good one. The quality matters, a grocery store brand may be processing with heat and therefore rancid. As well as high in PCBs or other contaminents.

Start small to get your digestion used to it though. Also organic and preferably grass fed liver.

My DS started cod liver oil at 8 mos, 1/2 tsp/day very well (and he has many food intolerances.) Maybe you would consider trying it on her about that time or when you start solids?

Canned salmon does not have the high DHA levels I believe, something about the canning process. Check on this to be sure.

Egg yolk can be started quite early, 6-8 months if necessary, the whites are the allergenic part. The best eggs are pasture fed from local farms if you can find them. When chickens eat bugs, they naturally have the best form of DHA in their eggs. The grocery store brand DHA eggs are from flax and flax is not as easy converted in the body as as cod liver oil. As you can see, eggs are also recommended everyday here:

Also know that other fats in your diet can compete with and block essential fatty acids like DHA. Vegetable oils and hydrogenated fats for example.

Fats are directly transferred into breastmilk... meaning if you eat trans fats, they appear in your milk and also the good stuff too. So stick to traditional good fats like butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc. instead of canola or shortening.
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THANK YOU so much for replying to this, God bless you!!!
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