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Dh's eczema saga...

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Dh (aka, doug) has eczema. Something awful too.
it's aparently gotten worse since moving from st louis to dallas (before I met him) but he was 21 when he moved here and 27 it might be a age thing too.

He has it all over scalp, arms, legs, crotch, and his chest esp.
We've been using protopic, etc. He takes meds, allegra, etc.
I think he's on about 15 meds right now, incl his asthma meds.

The thing that bothers me (and him) the most his constant chest itching.
His entire chest is pretty much a open scabby oozy sore.

My sheets (my beautiful 300thread ct sheets!) are spotted with blood ALL over.
all of my pillowcases are polkadotted in blood spots...etc. He slept on the couch for about 4mths of my pregnancy because I couldn't sleep because of his itching.

I've noticed no pattern of seasons, it's all the same. Itchy itchy.
same with meds, etc.
I wash out sheets in sportswash with a triple rinse in HOT HOT and keep a allergen barrier on the bed. he only showers about 2x a week total, because it seems to help a *little*

I keep looking for a natural remedy...or something that might improve things for him...but to no avail.
I read on the cd board here that TTO was helpful for asthmatics...and that asthmatics often have eczema...and since TTO is a antibiotic of might be worth a shot...but how/etc elludes me.

Any help for DH?!? (and my beauty sleep?)
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Oh, I should mention...

The *ONLY* thing that has ever made a dent in the eczema woes has been oral steriods. He was put on them for a week or so before having allergy tests done, because he couldn't take anti hystamines (his allegra) for a week before testing.

The steriods made him a hungry hungry hippo, but itching, skin cleared up, his asthma was so much better...etc.

I guess it's too bad he can't be on steriods all the time...but it's always too good to be true (or good for you)
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My DH has bad eczema. He's tried the creams from his Dr and they did not help. Now his Dr wants to give him steroids. We are not comfortable with that at all.

I've sent him to an accupuncturist. He's been three times and she has also prescribed him some herbs. It is not an overnight thing but there is improvement. His hands are finally starting to clear. This is only the beginning of his treatments and I'm hoping it clears completely.
Everyone I know who has excema also has some sort of food allergy as well. Have y'all ever looked into this?

All the best,

Originally Posted by georgia
Everyone I know who has excema also has some sort of food allergy as well. Have y'all ever looked into this?
I TOTALLY agree. Have him cut out milk and see if that helps. Have him see an allergist and get tested.

The top 8 allergins are:
  • milk
  • Egg
  • Peanut
  • Tree nut
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Soy
  • Wheat
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Hi! I must agree with the allergy/eczema. Dh has eczema and is allergic to cheese. Ds has eczema and is allergic to peanuts. If ds has eaten peanuts hos eczema gets worse. Bothare constantly scratching and it drives mr batty.
Elimination diets can sometimes be helpful, too as a cheaper and less invasive as a place to start. It can be a long road, but well worth investigating. There is a huge portion of the population who has hidden food/environental allergies/sensitivities.

I've seen firsthand how *miraculous* the results can be!
We've had enormous success over here with an Elim Diet and supplements when I thought poor DS was going to have a lifetime of itching..... See my sig.
I would recommend he take a probiotic like Jarrow that has been recommended here by those in the know 3x day.
It can cost a $350-400 up front, but a visit to a homeopath physician (found in the phone book) made an enourmous difference with my eczema woes. It was worth every penny.

Alleopathic physician prescribed elim diets (didn't work, sucked to follow), creams (did nothing), oral steroids (worked while I was on them, but then rash came back worse).

One 3 hour visit to the homeopath and the quality of my life has improved dramatically.
i've had really terrible eczema on my hands for about four years...
i have no food allergies and the itching/open sores sort of comes and goes without any real pattern. elim. diets did not work... tried every natural remedy cream in the book. i won't take any meds for it because i'm breastfeeding. the thing that has worked the best for me is emu oil. it's about $20 for a small bottle but it goes a loooong way and it is WONDERFUL. when my hands are all broken out, i can't even put them in water because it stings and then itches so bad, but emu oil is amazing... stops the itching, heals the wounds and thickens and soothes the skin. i can't live without it. it has not healed my eczema, but if i keep up with it every day, my hands stay in good shape... to the point where you can barely tell i have eczema at all. definitely give it a try if you can. you can purchase it online, although i just pick mine up at my health food store. hopefully it will provide your dh with some relief!
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Please check out food allergies. son has it as does my dh and it's simply weather related. Whenever it's reallly hot and they're living/playing/camping in the dirt and getting sweaty and dirty it flares.
Dh knows not to scratch so it never gets too out of control.
It totally disappears once the snow hits.

Is Dallas a lot hotter and more humid? Does he take quick, cool, baths just to get the sweat and dirt off?

Scroll down here and check out my post w/Mountain Mom about making a salve. But...she mentioned this one is best for dry, scabby and she had another recommendation for weepies.

Good luck!

Oh, and read elsewhere here (?) about steroids contributing to asthma.
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I used to have TERRIBLE eczema - like your husbands when i was a baby. It was about 3/4 cured from figuring out what foods I was allergic to (and there were a LOT).

However, I had it again as an adult and have cut out some of those allergic foods but still got it to the point where DH called me lizard hands and I'd often have to cover them up.

BORAGE OIL saved my life. It contains the highest percentage of the essential fatty acid GLA (gamma linoleic acid). This is really good for your skin and has made my eczema disappear. If I forget to take it for a few weeks, the eczema starts to creep back. I assume Emu oil has similar EFAs but since I'm vegan (and even if I wasn't) I don't want to rub Emus all over my skin. Borage oil is taken internally. I take the liquid, 1/4 teaspoon per day. You can also get capsules, both veggie and gelatin.

DH also has horrible scalp itch and he takes it to help his scalp not be so itchy.

So I'd say look into food allergies (I'm sure he must have some.) and also try getting his EFA intake up. I also take Flaxseed oil along with the Borage.
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PikkuMyy- that is so cool... i will have to try the borage. my mom grows it in her garden, so i could get it easily... i wonder if eating a lot of it fresh would help at all? will have to find the oil though! i'm not crazy about rubbing emu all over me either
but sometimes you'll try anything, y'know?

Basylica- let us know what you tried and how it worked! i'm always curious as to how other sufferers treat their eczema.
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