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DH's question to me-- does it hurt when she pees?

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My DD2 cries most of the time when she pees or poops, before and while she is peeing. She usually stops afterward, after a minute or two sometimes. My DH today asked me if I think it hurts her when she pees. I said that is just something she does when she has to pee. But now I'm curious-- why is it that some babies actually WAIL when they have to pee/are peeing? I know she's doing it to get my attention to take her potty initially, but why would she continue crying when she's being held over the potty and while she's actually peeing?
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my baby will whine and cry sometimes. but mostly when she is asleep or really really tired. I think thats because she stirs and sorta wakes and realizes that there is this uncomfortable pressure and doesnt know why she was so peaceful and then this. if I take her then (if I can get up in the middle of the night that is) and get her to calm down enough to actually go (sometimes she wont) then she will be all fine and happy afterward.
My baby used to do this. She would have to pee, and fuss when I held her over the bucket or potty bowl. Then she'd pee and feel better. She doesn't do it anymore. Now she fusses and yells at me, I take her to pee, she stops fussing, pees, then smiles. She is almost 4 months now.

My theory was that the sensation of "full bladder" was uncomfortable, and she was vocalizing about it.

hrmmm...I dunno, my guy went through a few days where he did something similar to that. I usually nursed him through it to get him to relax on the potty enough to let go and pee. Have you tried nursing or some other form of relaxation/distraction??
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