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Ok. DH was on Zyprexa for sometime for his bipolar and during that time he gained alot of weight and prior to quitting it he began to swell, which is a common symptom of diabetes. Once he quit the swelling stopped and I saw know others symptoms but months later they announced there is a connection btwn Zyprexa and diabetes!! Now there are commercials for a law suit for people on Zyprexa. DH refuses all Docs and medications now (besides being bipolar he has a record of crappy Docs and bad meds...) but I wonder if he should get checked. Can you "start" to get diabetes and then have it stop or go away (like gestational diabetes)? Did we catch it in time?

He shows no other symptoms but I worry. Plus I pushed him to stay on Zyprexa and don't wanna hear it is my fault if he is sick from it. Telling a bipolar man he is RIGHT it was not him and the meds and I was wrong can be a big problem. Anyone have any experience with this?

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