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I'm just curious for a friend. She found out she has diabetes from some blood tests but her dh's new insurance won't kick in for another month. So, she won't even tell her dh about it yet let alone go see a dr..
I guess she's period bleeding profusely even tho she's on 2 bc pills to stop it?
And, she has pounding headaches and cramps.
She said something about her blood sugar's supposed to be 1 but it's 38--I may have that backwards. She also has hyPOthyroidism.

I know NOTHING about diabetes. She has a very unhealthy lifestyle...always has a phys or emotional crisis going on. So, I do'nt want to overreact when I sympathise w/her. But, maybe this is a case where I should push her to go to the dr. NOW regardless. How fast does diabetes move?
Any thoughts?

Thanks--I really appreciate any experiences or thoughts.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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