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I need your help. I can' figure out what's going on and don't know what to do.

For MONTHS now I've been in serious pain. It moves. Sometimes it's sharp pain in my pelvic joint. Sometimes it's in my lower left abdomen. My lower back alway aches.

It gets so bad sometimes I can't walk.

I have weakness in my legs. I can hardly lift them into my pants sometimes. Pushing things with my feet is impossible.

Also, I always feel like I have to have a bowel movement, even when I don't.

I've been to my ob/gyn with little success. They suggested laproscopy, which I can't have done until after DS is weaned (he's only 10 months and no eating solids at all really).

So what should my next step be? I don't know what kind of doc to go to. Any ideas on what's wrong with me??

I'm scared to be honest.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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