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diaper bag-messanger style

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i know that there are several threads going for diapers bags but i still havent found what i want. im looking for a messanger bag (perfer WAHM). i usually carry 2-3 FB's ,cloth wipes, wet bag, changes of clothes, wallet/checkbook, keys, phone. i need to carry a changing pad also.

right now im using a backpack purse thats a tad too small. before was an amy cole (target) diaper bag/backpack that was to bulky and awarkd to carry.

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Rachel, these aren't wahm suggestions, but I've either had personal exp. with these bags and cd's or I have talked w/other mamas who have and they come highly recommended:

And here are some messenger diaper bags on

A lot of people also like the LL Bean diaper bag for cloth, but it's not a messenger:
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