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Diaper changing away from home

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I've come to the realization that my 3mo dd doesn't like to have her diaper changed in public places. I mean she *really* doesn't like it! Whenever I change her away from home she cries and actually screams. She's fine if I change her at other people's houses, but when I go to change her in, say, a public restroom she howls.

Does anyone have some tried and true tricks to making diaper changing away from home more bearable for dd and I? I'm beginning to dread leaving the house for fear of having to change her.
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is she cold? or hungrey? no?
maybe just a phase, try not to feel stressed! that might help her too!
good luck, keep trying different things and it WILL get better!
change her in the car? I hate using changing tables in public restrooms too. I usually lay the baby on the driver's seat and change him/her, then toss the diaper on the way into the store or whereever.
I've taken to changing DD in the trunk of my car. There's just no room in any of the seats and they aren't flat.

She's got a fun time looking at the speakers and the wires.

That might work for you but I admit I feel a little weird putting my kid in the trunk.
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maybe a padded changing mat?? maybe it is those HARD restroom changing tables!!
Serena: I've done the change in the trunk thing too. I also feel a little weird putting my baby in the trunk BUT there is plenty of space and plenty of privacy, so why not.
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I only change in the car, I actually have never changed any of my DD's in a public bathroom.
my ds was like this till about 6 mo! i did car changes but never thought about the trunk...hmm might have to try this one out!
i have been lucky enough not to have to use a changing table in a public restroom. unless it is pressing (i.e. poop) i usually wait. that being said, i don't go out for long periods of time... also, in the town i live in there is two really family friendly gently used baby clothing stores that have changing areas that are more homey, and they don't mind if you just drop in to use it (or to find a quiet place to nurse). also, my best friend lives in the town next to mine where i do most of my errands, so i just stop by her house. i would probably rather change ds in a car if i had to rather than a public restroom.
and i feel like a little pee in a diaper never hurt anyone, if it isn't a looooong time. poop, well, that needs to be changed right away, but ds has been kind and never pooped anywhere but at my house or someone elses (what a considerate guy).
oh yeah, i use disposables when i am going for long errands, so that does make it easier to let pee go for a bit longer than i would at home.
i just realized you might be using cloth, and i can see why that would be hard to put off. good luck...hopefully dc grows out of it.
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