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Diaper condition descriptions

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I've got a bunch of diapers I'm preparing to sell, but I don't know how to fairly describe the condition. None have any stains or tears, but the hemp's getting a bit pilly on some, the wover outer is faded on another. Is that very good condition? Not even? Or maybe still EC, with a note on the pilling? So confused...
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imho, pilling and fading knock the diapers out of the EC category. i tihnk EC should be reserved for diapers that have only been worn a couple times. if the fading/pilling happened the first, or second, time you washed them and they've only been worn once i might say "worn once but some pilling on the hemp". if they're still pretty new then VGC with a note on the pilling/fading. if they've been washed a dozen times or more than maybe even GC with a note. but you should be warned that i am notorious for making diapers sound worse than they are when i go to sell so perhaps i'm not the best one to ask.
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ita, imo EC = like new or close to it. I would say if a dipe has no holes or staining it is in VCG and i would just describe it like you did here.
if the pilling is like all dipes pill i say "normal pilling." however, i have been burned by the "normal pilling" description before.
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For that kind of thing, i usaull say 'VGC, still highly cute and functional, a great way to expand your diaper stash or try something new at half the cost of new fitteds' .

EC - worn less than a handful of times, can also apply to anything with FOE worn only a couple of times but which pills if you look at it cross-eyed.
Thanks for the help, everyone. I feel more confident listing them now. All the other diapers I've sold have looked essentially new and I didn't want to mislead or upset anyone.

What's FOE, out of curiosity?
FOE is Fold over Elastic... FYI

And, just so's ya know, EC, VGC, GC, etc. mean different things to different people. I mean, if yuo are buying USED, then you should expect it to be, well, USED... LOL!!!! I assume "EC" means "EC for used" conditon.. i.e. no holes, rips, tears, etc. but normal pilling, fading, etc. is expected. But, everyone has a different opinion. Just list them as you see them and if someone isn't happy, offer a refund
That's the best of both worlds IMO

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Just err on the side of caution. Worst-case scenario is that someone will be pleasantly surprised by the condition of the diaper.
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Yep, it's best to be pleasantly surprised. momtokay sent me 3 dipes that I was having a little buyer's remorse over. Then I got she said, she always describes them worse than they are. They came and they are awesome dipes. We
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