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We appear to be in between sizes on covers... I'm using these over a pinned prefold for reference
In Bummis SWW size small I can barely get it on but the medium is all the way crossed over on the waist and has so much booty droop it looks rediculous! Same thing is happening with the Nikky covers I have. I tried Bumkins in a size small and it looks like the same fate.. I guess I'm looking for a cover that is either longer in the rise for the size small or short in the rise for a size medium... all the covers seem to really JUMP in size between the two. Is there anything that has a more gradual sizing? Also my little one is nearing 2 so I dont really want to size up in hopes of a growth spurt cause I don't think its going to take place any time soon! Thanks for any help mamas! Oh and I prefer a wrap cover that I can place snugly with elastic
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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