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Diaper dilemma...

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Noah has had a bad scratch on his penis. the dr recomended sposies
: and of course that's all dh needed to hear.
So he's been in sposies for a few days and here's what I noticed. His penis has been red when in cloth and it goes away the minute a sposie is on him.
: YUCK. So I have all his clean diapers in the wash, I've washed in baking soda and tto on hot. Now I'm doing a second wash in sports wash. I'm assuming it's like detergent build up or something. what do you ladies think. Will this get rid of his red reaction?? I'm not putting him back in sposies now that his scratch is gone. WWYD to try to get rid of the reaction? Is there something else I need to try? Thanks ladies.
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well... I would stop using Sport Wash. I would rewash everything like 4 times without the SW. We had a raging SW related rash here and I have heard many boy-mamas say it burned their boy bits.
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When I added a 3rd rinse cycle after a hot wash with VERY LITTLe detergent, it went away!!

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it's the first time I've used it. LOL it figures I'd need to never use it again.
: Anyother tips?? Anyone??

I'll try the third rinse with little detergent. I figured it was probably detergent build up or something.
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HMMM... This is very interesting... I used Sport Wash for the first time on my last load of dipes and we have been fighting a rash the last coupe of days. We woke up this morning with a horrible rash
She has never had a rash before and I have been trying to figure out what changed. I never thought about the SW. I guess I am off to rewash. Hope that is it- that would be an easy fix! Hope your sweetie gets bettter!
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He may be very sensitive to detergent. I had a similar problem with my middle child. He'd get a red swollen area on the tip of his penis, especially upon waking in the morning (with cloth only). When I switched to Free & Clear detergent, it disappeared, but reappeared whenever I forgot and used a regular.

Also, make sure you are just using a tiny bit of detergent and doing enough rinses to get all of the detergent out. That stuff is tough to fully rinse out. You may need to wash and rewash in just water until you stop seeing suds. I'd give the Free detergents a try. I like Tide Free the best but All F&C was ok too.

If you are looking for SW alternative you might consider shaklee basic h. They have a website where you can look up a local distributor to save on shipping.

As I understand things Basic H works by boosting detergent's cleaning effectiveness so that you don't have to use as much. I use about 1-2 tbspons basic H and about 1/8+ cup detergent for a large load. (more basic H relative to detergent if I'm concerned about build up).

I have hard water and this really does a great job of keeping diepers free from detergent build up (so far no probs using this with pockets).
Calgon helps get my diapers de-detergeanted (is that a word? lol). If I forget to use it every couple washes, my daughter starts to get a little red from the buildup of the soap in the diaper. (and I notice them smelling more)
It could be the deteregent but it might also be a reaction to the moisture in there. Do you use fleece liners at all? That might help to wick some of the moisture away from his skin and keep him dryer and less likely to have a reaction.

Hope it stays away!
my diapers are dry and my ds is asleep. I can't wait to put one on him to see if I got all the detergent out. My diapers were starting to stink also. As soon as he peed it was a horrible ammonia smell. Hopefully I just took care of it. I'll just make sure I do this once per month so hopefully it won't happen again.

Oh and I use fuzzibunz quite often and his penis would be red in those as well as the prefolds/fitteds/everything it seemed made it red. Which is why I thought it was probably build up. I'll let you know at his first diaper change if it helped. You ladies are awesome. I knew I could comehere for an answer.
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