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A friend of mine and I have been so inspired by some of the photos we've seen here of dyed diapers and we want to try it.

We have some really basic questions I hope you all can help us with:

Do you have to use a particular kind of dye? What about just the basic Rit Brand Dye they sell at Walmart. Will that work to dye prefolds a solid color?

I'm thinking of trying to tie-dye some of my white prowraps. I've tie-dyed before using a kit that I got at the craft store on T-shirts and it came out great. Can I use the same kit for dyeing diapers or is there a special kind of dye? (guess it's a similar questions to my first one).

Also, can a pro-wrap be tie-dyed? Is it going to harm its water repellant layer?
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