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Diaper Hunt Update

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So, who's still hunting? I'm down to 5 left, woo hoo!
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I have about 25 left, but I've been going slowly
I have alot left to get I have just been sooo busy lately. Maybe I will find some time tonight to hunt.
I just finished the other night. Somehow I got lucky and found the last bunch really quickly.
I finally finished. Whew.

Good luck finishing up!
How do we find out which ones we already found? I have like 12 done, but I can't remember who now :LOL
I have 6 more to go

You can download the worksheet from the DD website, but I don't think there is a way to find out what you have already submitted.
THey are keeping track by hand.. so emailing them may or may not get you an answer.
For the hext Hunt, it will be all automated..and then you will be able to keep track online
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I have been done since day 2.. and now Im bored as all dickens.

But I have PP so I can go find some awesome moms on the list that I saw and pick up some adorable fluff!
2 left to go :

Purple Caterpillar Creations
Rousers Trousers
I only have Daisy Baby Slings and Rocking Horse Babies left. Both have been very slow loading for me. Just waiting a couple days and hopefully it will be better
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I've found 38, so I have, umm... 44 left? Hey, almost halfway done!

But right now I'm on Jam Tots... such a huge site!
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YAY - all done now !
I have a ton left. I'm in the K section atm. That reminds me, I need to get on it!
Well, I've found exactly.......2
: I'll be working on this all month :LOL
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I've got about 50 left.....but I haven't been able to look since the first day.
That darn Lucy Luvz, with it's 4 million links, is gonna be the death of me!
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I think I have 14 left. I'll have to check my sheet.
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