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Diaper Measurement Chart-Your Input Needed

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Hi, we are trying to put together a chart like this one:
that shows the measurements of different sizes of different diapers. It is great help when you are trying to modify the sizes of your own pattern. We want to make a new chart since the old chart is quite outdated and doesn't have any medium sizes. So if you have any patterns or diapers, measure the length, crotch, back, and front (please do not include seam allowances if you are measuring sewing patterns). Then post the measurements here with the size and brand. When we get enough, I will compile it into a chart and we'll make sure to make it a sticky.

Oh, and you can give the measurements in inches or centimeters, I will convert them and we will list the measurements in both standard and metric. How's that for cosmopolitan?
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Just subbing to the thread. We are planning to diaper on the cheap with homemade recycled stuff but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make covers ahead of time when I have no idea of sizes! Thanks for starting this.
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For the crotch, you take the wider or the narrowest point?
Bumping... I'm taking my measurements now.

For the crotch, I'm doing the narrowest.

For the back, do you want wingtip to wingtip (for rounded wings) or back only?

I have some patterns and some diapers... not sure if we will want to convert pattern measurements (take off seam allowance) or make two separate charts?
The following are: diaper brand, size, then Length, Crotch, Back, Front.

Crickett's L: 17, 6, 17, 10
Little Lambs L sidesnap AIO: 19, 8, 14, 9.5
Sunshine Baby L: 18, 6.5, 19, 8.5
Ella's Pocket L: 18, 7, 18, 11

Fuzzi Bunz M: 18, 7, 18.5, 12
Ella's Pcoket M: 16, 6.5, 16, 9

unknown pattern, S: 15.5, 6, 15.5, 8.5

unknown pattern, NB: 13.5, 6, 15.5, 8.5
Shar's pattern, NB: 14, 5, 14, 6
Shar's sidesnap pattern, NB: 14, 5, 13, 9
Mama Bird pattern, NB: 13.5, 6, 12, 8
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this was helpful thanks mamas!
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