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Diaper orders coming this week!

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I ordered my first diapers on Thursday and Friday. I am so anxious to get them! I already have my two hemp HH's, but I can't use them until I get my covers
: I ordered Stacinator's from Mama Essentials, and I didn't realize until today she is moving and wouldn't process any ordered until the 2nd... Waa! But she e-mailed back and said she would e-mail my order tomorrow, which I thought was nice of her. It was my own dumb fault for not reading the home page
I still have the bulk of my stash from Punkin Butt to come...not sure when they shipped...but it's my 3 dz prefolds, 2 FB's, and snappi's. I also ordered a Little Lamb's AIO and that will ship tomorrow (not sure why the delay, it was on the bargain page...). I also have purchased a few diapers from a couple of you ladies, and the MO's went out Friday, so you should get them any day now.

The wait is awful! Especially since Ariana has just 1 day's worth of icky disp. diapers left...looks like I'll have to purchase more in the meatime.

Have you ever noticed how...disposable disposable diapers look? I mean they are so cheap, plasticy, and inexpensive-looking....maybe because they are! LOL. Honestly, it has me thinking of getting cloth "momma pads" for myself...
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