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diaper pattern suggestion?

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Im looking into "possibly" trying to make some diapers for DD and possible any new additions coming my way. Any suggestions on a pattern? I would need one that can be turned and top stitched. I prefer front snapping too. I would like a pattern for fitteds and pockets etc. Anyone have any suggestions? Possibly a site with free ones? Thanks so much!
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I couldn't tell you on a free one but Darling Diapers has all of those options including snap placements for front and side snaps.
I love the pattern and the snap placements have been working really well for me.

Here's a night weight denim pocket fitted I made with night stuffers in it that's front snapping from the Darling Diapers pattern:

It's actually pretty trim through the crotch.. it's just stuffed to the hilt!
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Here's a link to a thread about free patterns.

I have Darling, Very Baby AIO, Cuddlebuns, and Honey Boy. My favorites are Darling and CB bikini cut. VB is great, but I had to trim it down a bit. HB is just too wide for my taste, but I haven't had time to alter the pattern yet.
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Ok some may not like this statement but I firmly believe that if you have a template for the diaper that you can make any kind of diaper you want. I went and bought honey boy, cuddlebuns, and VB patterns. I've looked at all three of them and they are very much simular. What I ended up doing was taking the honeyboy templates, modifying the crotch a little but not much, and using it to cut out my fabric and make any dipe that I want. Doing this I've made AIO's, pockets, fitteds, and I'm gonna try a cover soon. Just make sure you leave enough extra on your fabric for your seam allowance for the given dipe that you are doing.

Oh and Kathryn I have to say that I love your siggy. Especially the witchling part. My little witchings are 6 and 8 and I'm perfecting my diapers and creating a stockpile for the one we hope to be expecting in 2006.
DandK, I think it is great that you can come up with your own pattern variations. I've pretty much developed my own patterns too. I agree that most diaper patterns look pretty much the same. It is amazing though, how much a tweak here or there can change the look and fit sooo much.

Diaper patterns, especially the good ones for sale, are nice for mamas who are new to sewing, new to cloth diapers, who aren't good at visualizing and figuring things out (this is definitely a gift) or who want to be able to sit down and sew reliable, well-fitting diapers without a lot of pattern drafting first.
vb has an AIO pattern that can be used to make a fitted, but they also have an actual fitted pattern that can be serged, but also has directions for turning and topstitching. I don't think it has directions to make it into a pocket fitted, but after you get the general idea, you can figure that part out pretty easily

If you go to the website, use the "resources" link and you'll find a list of free patterns on the net. the mama bird one is pretty good. I found the sizing to run a little small, but with any pattern, you usually make one and then made some adjustments anyway (yes.. even patterns you pay for.. it's part of the joy of sewing your own.. you can totally customize the fit).
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