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diaper rash= colostrum in? teething? HELP!! (Xposted)

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crossposting this also in toddlers forum (hope that's ok)

Hi. I really hope someone can give me some idea about this situation...
I am 24 wks pregnant and nursing my 18 month old. For about the last week she has wanted to nurse much more. I'm pretty sure my colostrum is in because the milk is much more yellow and plentiful.
She has always been a prolific pooper but lately it's just getting out of hand. She poops about 6 times a day and they are becoming that peanut butter consistency. I hate that, but I can deal with it. The problem is she is getting a really bad diaper rash. She is so miserable, she just cries and cries when we change her diaper. When i ask her if she needs a diaper change she runs and hides and cries no-no!! It breaks my heart.
We CD but I don't think it's a build up issue. We've had that in the past and it was a blistery rash. This is just really red and sore on her bottom.
She also has a slight cold, a runny nose is about the only symptom, a little bit of a cough but that just developed yesterday and the rash has been gradually worsening for about a week.
the other theory I am working on is that maybe it's her 2 year molars starting to make an appearance? She does seem to be drooling much more the last few days, chewing on her paci when she has it rather than sucking on it so much, fingers in her mouth....???
I really don't want to wean her but I'm so afraid that it's the colostrum and the frequency of her poops causing her to be so miserable.
I hate second guessing myself at everything I do...but i hate to see my bean hurting. Please give me any comments, ideas or advice you might have!!
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so sorry your dd is suffering (and you too).

if you think it's the colustrum and frequent pooping, her little body will regulate that again soon. it won't be like that all the way up to the new baby.
in my experience, i've never had colustrum do that to any of my dc's tushes.
2 yr molars would certainly be a suspect and you describe a teething child. that's about the right age too.
has she eaten anything unusual lately? my dh shared his rotel with my dd earlier this week. we noticed her little anus was very red and blistered the next day (poops still solid) which made her dad feel very bad, he was sure it was his spicy rotel. We just kept her bottomless until it healed. But, she wasn't pooping 6x's a day, either. Just once.
As for your breastmilk/colustrum, squirting some of that on your dd's rash is the best remedy

you are doing a great job taking care of your dd. it's so hard to see them suffer, but this is not your fault!
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i was also going to suggest putting your breastmilk on her bottom!

my ds is 17 months (i am pg, but milk has not turned yet) and getting his 2 year molars. he usually poops once a day, but has been having terrible poops (4-10 times a day) lately. sometimes it is diarreah and other times it is that peanut butter consistency you talk about.

when his butt is red i will ask him if he wants milk on his butt to make it feel better. he always says yes, and will even hold his legs up for me so i can express some.

hopefully it will pass soon!
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