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Diaper Rash Cream 4 CD

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I am new at CD, and just received my NB set and am very excited!! When I was in Target yesterday my husband wanted to buy Butt Paste for the baby and it occured to me that there are probably recommend rash creams for cloth diapering to prevent or lessen staining. Is Butt Paste OK or what is recommended for CD?
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Anything with fish oil/cod liver oil/etc is a no.

I read that some people were able to use Boudreaux's Butt Paste, so I tried it, but it did stain one or two of my pocket diapers on the suedecloth.

Really though, diaper rash with CD (from what I have read and heard) is much more rare than in a disposable. We have just had a problem, and I think it is yeast. I think it's pretty uncommon to have diaper rash, as you aren't putting the diaper chemicals from a disposable on your babies bottom.

I am new to all of this, though. Hopefully someone else will have more insight for you! I do know that Desitin and others with fish oil are a definite NO with CDs.

Diaper rash is uncommon w/CD because there is no yucky toxic gel stuff to irritate. I wipe dd with a wet washcloth and use aloe vera (find it with sunscreen, use the clear unscented stuff though) whenever she gets a bit pink. Rash is always gone by next diaper change.
Anything with fish oils (or any other kind of oil) will cause staining and you would want to use a liner if you did use one of those kind of creams. But as the PPs have said, diaper rash is pretty rare in CDd babes (I think the P&G research found something like a 7% occurrence in CDd babies, vs. 87% for sposie-users).

Whenever DS is looking irritated at a diaper change, I put a little calendula gel (Califlora) on and it never turns into a rash.
If I need diaper cream, I use burts bees. I haven't had a problem with them on my dipes, but I also don't use it often.
I use Burt's Bees, too. Works great for us. My little one gets awful diaper rashes when he's teething (and my older son did, too). I can tell when a tooth is going to pop out by how red his bottom is (it's the poop that gets him). I tried Boudreaux's and it really stained my diapers. And my clothes. And his clothes. Yuck. Worked great on the rash, though!
Thanks Ladies, that is good advice, I like the thought of aloe, we are huge fans of that


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If I need diaper cream, I use burts bees. I haven't had a problem with them on my dipes, but I also don't use it often.
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We liked the butt paste for his rash or Aveeno, but I use a liner when I do. After his first horrible rash, we just make sure to keep his bum dry by changing often and letting him air dry some before putting on the next dipe. Someone here once recommended the raw silk liners and they are also great for helping to keep his bum dry.
We use Little Miracles Bum stick, its like a deodorant stick so it doesn't get under your nails. Or Jacks Magic Also Burts Bee's is safe.
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