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Diaper Services?

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Does anyone here have a diaper service?

How much is it every week?

What kind of diapers do you get (fitteds/prefolds/etc.)

Do you get covers as part of the service? Do you wash them yourselves or does the service do it?

About how many diapers do you get per week?

Do you like it?
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I used a diaper service with dd#1 for about 3-4 months. Then I started washing my own diapers. I just checked their website, the cost per week depends on how many diapers you need a week. $15 for 55 dipes and $17.50 for 80 dipes. They have regular prefolds. I bought diapers through the diaper service, but thats extra. And you wash the covers yourself. I started with 60-65 diapers, dd#1 was about 3-4 months old. With newborns you probably need more (with dd#2, I have about 25 diapers and I was every other day in the beginning, now its about every 2-3 days). So it all depends on your child.
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