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Diaper storage for lots of diapers?

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OK, I figure some of you hyenas with giant stashes should be able to help me. My toddler is CD'd, and I'm expecting a new baby in a few weeks. Because newborns require more diapers than bigger kids, I am running out of space to put all my stuff! I currently have one of those large-size nylon shoe holders (like double the width of a regular one) hanging in the closet (the closet is tiny), and the changing table is on top of the kids' dresser. The dresser only has three drawers, and I need all that space for clothes. My son's diapers fit in the closet organizer, but I have nowhere to put new baby diapers. HELP -- any storage ideas?

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I like using those vaccum bags like space bags. They are also good for packing diapers on vacation!
You could also consider a utility type shelf that you can pick up for $12 at walmart and either use totes with lids to keep your toddler from having a diaper party or you can use those $3 wicker baskets. If your dh is handy then maybe he could build you a small shelving unit that would fit the baskets perfectly. Or the home depo will cut wood so you could just pay them to cut it... nail it yourself and paint it to match
The top shelf you could even make little cubby holes for stuff like balms, pins/snappis and so on. (pinch pinch, wake up Aherne and stop dreaming!!!)

But since me nor my dh is handy...I cleared out half my linen cupboard. Who needs linen anyaway
Prefolds are all on the top shelf and stacked according to size. I have a plastic shoebox type thing that I just toss wipes into and a larger plastic thing that I put all doublers and liners into (doublers that match specific diapers get folded into those... but I mainly use pockets so the doublers are just a mish mash generally)

All covers etc are on the bottom shelf. Sometimes when I am feeling froggy I will stuff all the diapers and match covers with fitteds etc and use the top shelf for my DD and the bottom shelf for my DS

Now if only I spent this much time on my other laundry
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my stash went from huge to puny in a few months. However that being said I am trying to do as much trading and sewing and a few purchases to make it so I have at least one of those suckers filled again.

I found the stackers great for storing diapers and I also had a tub full of diapers that I recently all sold as well. No one child needed that many diapers, it was ludicrious and insane. I am still trying to find the perfect system for Stinker and my dh though.
I use the 4 drawer Rubbermaid things. They come with wheels and they drawers are clear. I put pf's in the bottom(deepest) drawer, fitteds in the next drawer up, covers/ doublerrs in the next one up and wipes in the top one. This works so well, I wanted to buy another one as soon as I found out I was preggo w/

We ended up taking the wheels off cuz dd kept wheeling the diapers everywhere.
I use a 4-wheeled wire basket cart thingy (for lack of better words! :LOL) in the bathroom. It has 3 wire baskets on it and I picked it up at Penneys for about $20. All my wool goes in the top basket and all my dipes go in the bottom 2. The baskets are pretty deep so there's enough for my stash!

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Originally I thought to use the large plastic tubs that you can get at any SuperCenter for $3.00 a pop (well, at least a few time a year they are that cheap). But as I started reading about storing (concern for wool storage started me on this venture of reading), I came to understand that plastic might not be the wisest choice for my diapers - or any textiles, for that matter.

There is a lack of air circulation when you store in plastic containers or bags and since fabric needs to "breathe" (at least natural fibers do) - it isn't a choice environment. Airtight vinyl/plastic containers can cause fiber deterioration from the chemical interaction and it can give off an odor if stored for a long period of time and in a hot environment (like an attic or outside storage building). If there is any moisture in the container, you'll end up with a musty smell or possible mold or mildew damage.

Some ideas: We've used a variety of things- a bottom drawer that wasn't being utilized ... wicker baskets with cedar chips (with the wool) ... cotton bags/totes not being utilized (we have these big cotton duffle bags that we only use for weekend getaways on occasion that are perfect for storing the diaper size not in use at the time). These cram in any closet and/or controlled temp environment.

Any 'container' that allows the textile to breathe.

If you are looking at boxes - try to choose acid- free ... a good storage can be found in the boxes you can get from printers. Cardboard boxes (like the cardboard found in shoe boxes) is an unwise choice b/c of the less than 'friendly' products utilized to create it.

A final suggestion for wool covers is to store in newspaper. Yep, you read right! Moths do not like newspaper, so simply wrap your wool covers FIRST in tissue and then in newspaper and store them in dresser drawers, closets, cabinets or wherever there is space. Remember to store away from direct sunlight, damp basements, hot attics and/or dusty garages.

Sources of information for storing wool/textiles:

(1) Amy Pang, Ass. Editor, A Brief History of Wool . Vintage Voice.
(2) Wool Fibre: Natural Properties. Australian Wool Innovation Limited.
(3) Joan Kiplinger. Storage - where and in March/April 2000.
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Originally Posted by willowsmama
I use the 4 drawer Rubbermaid things. They come with wheels and they drawers are clear.
Just what I was going to suggest. I think that's the route we're going. We have two change tables. One is now in my room so I can change the baby at night without waking up DS and DH who sleep in another room. I'm using the table with baskets to hold all baby's clothing and will use the drawer thingy beside it to hold all the nappies.

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I just bought an extra 4 drawer wood dresser and put it next to my dryer in my laundry LOL
Some diapers we keep in those 3 or 4 drawer portable Rubber Maid things. Larger or seasonal stuff is in the baby armoire. And all my favorites and wool stuff are in lined wicker baskets with a little ball of rosewood or cedar for scent and anti-moth, under the changing table.
I dunno how big my stash is considered. I have around 125 diapers, and to me, this is A LOT--and the baby isn't even here yet!! I only had the recommended 4 dozen for each of my last two babes. I've become a bit obsessed!!

Anyway. I have the dresser-style changing table with drawers and two shelves. I am using one of the shelves for diapers and the other for blankets/outerwear. Then I am putting a shelf (the coated wire shelves, like for closets) directly above the changing table (and as long as the changing table) low enough for me to reach but not knock myself on. I wanted to the wire so I could see what was on the bottom easily! LOL (I am so short) I plan on putting the rest of the diapers up there--once dh quits using Father's Day as an excuse to slug around! I thought I'd put larger things or things I'm not as "into" up there.
I use a Rubbermaid tote (with the lid OFF!) to store them in the living room (I just change him on the floor or couch). I have a couple or totes under his crib with blankets and clothes in them too.
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