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Diaper tutorial needed... southern maine

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Hey, maine ladies; got a favor to ask ya!

I'm considering taking the plunge into *gasp* cloth diapers. You see, I use 'sposies mainly because I am completely ignorant about cloth. Now, I've done a ton of research on the web and visited the forum here, but I'm kinda a visual learner, and would love to have someone who was willing to show me what they do. What kind of system they use, etc.

So, anyone willing to get together over coffee or something? I'm in the Freeport area, but could easily meet in Portland somewhere.

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i be glad to.

im in gray just north of you.ive been cloth diapering for over a year. weve got some of everything
email me
[email protected]
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Hi Melissa,

I'm in Portland, I'd be glad to get together & show you our stuff. I remember when I was pregnant & researching cloth diapers, I would have loved some real diapers to look at, so I'd be happy to help.

You guys are great! Thanks!

I'll PM you.

If you need one more point of view...I would be happy to get together - we have been using cloth diapers with our little girl from the start and LOVE them! Our daycare - who were not pleased with the idea at first - even said they think they work better than the disp. type!
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I'll add us to the list of resources, since our kids are the same age.

We use mostly prefolds snappied with wool covers (pull on, sugarpeas and fuz easy). I also have motherease airflows, biobottom wool covers and bumkins for other sizes if you are looking for something in particular.

Also, Corrie from the Maine mamas board in my sig is starting a cloth diaper group to help people get started and she might have stuff to show you. We're in So Po.

OT: Hi Jecca, sorry we missed you at the park today

I can't figure out how to CD for the life of me. I gave up after the first couple of weeks, but try it again every now and then. I guess it doesn't matter too much right now since he wears diapers usually only when we go places or have conservative company over. Otherwise he prefers to go a more natural route

If I have another one (or more appropriately 'when' knowing my luck with birth control :LOL ) I'll be on here asking for help too. I wish I had known about this place earlier

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HI, I am a real diaper circle leader for the real daiper association. I haven't got an active group going yet but I have done one on one meetings with people and have started a few moms out with cloth diapers. Please feel free to PM me or email me if you have any questions. I have a bunch of samples here, handouts and catalogs. We also have a list of retailers who give discounts to real diaper circle members.
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