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Diapering mamas are such bad influences!

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But, a good bad influence.

I have my entire stash (Kooshies) listed on eBay b/c I got to looking at different WAHM's and decided that's the way to go!

So, my next question is...what's your favorite WAHM?
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That's a good question. I love my Liz's cloth and Sugarpeas fitteds. I would say that are my fav fitteds. SP wool covers are also right up there for me. I just got my first BBH wool-in-one last week and I absolutely love it! There are so many great WAHM's out there.
There are too many great WAHM to list, but here are a few that I have had outstanding dealings with:

Suzie @ SOS

Ann @ Righteous Baby

Carrie @ SugarPeas

Jennifer @ Little Lambs
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I'm a new fan of Puffin Pants. Amy is wonderful to work with.

The site is under construction now, she is having a grand re-opening on the first!
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I KNEW you were a
in the making

Honestly, my favorites change a lot...some of them are: FMBG's (Full Moon Baby Gears) Celestial Cloth Crafts, and probably the best diaper I've ever seen made was by Jes at

I have always been a fitted diaper Mom, then moved into AIO's, now discovering the joys of wool. *sigh* so many diapers, so little time!
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I love them! They are very nicely sewn and are sooo cute.
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I'm just sittin here giggling b/c when I first posted to you, I told you my *initial* stash was almost identical to yours. Heh heh heh....I did the same thing you're now doing too-sold it off and got on the wahm wagon
Ohhh, so many to choose from, it'll make your head spin.

I have diff faves for different types of diapers and diff diapering scenarios, but I do like Liz's cloth for fitteds (side snap hemp), full moon baby gear for aio's (cotton outers over pul with fleece inner and then hemp soakers), phunkymama for gorgeous and well done embroidered wool covers, sugarpeas for wool day covers, Happy heiney's for pocket dipes, good ol prefolds, and *I* loved my little turtle knits knitted wool soaker, but my son did NOT! I just got a MGK (my grandmother knits) wool soaker off ebay but it is too soon to speak on how it works, but the try on fit was fabulous and the dyed colors were awesome...just gorgeous!! I don't have a fave wahm pul cover yet...see, always something else to shop for.
I'm also waiting for sleepycats to go ready for the public b/c I want to try out her one size front aplix diapers.

Apologies in advance for my lack of url's, btw.
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Little Lambs these are incredibly cute, fit perfectly, work better than I could ever imagin and Jennifer is great to work with! She does great work and her prices CANNOT be beat!!
I love her wool pants

sugarpeas -- my favorite wool covers
Another vote for Angel Wraps. Amy's Quick Dry AIOs make up the bulk of our stash, and we LOVE them.

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CuddleBuns and Poochies are great... Connie is a wonder to work with.

mamaW of Niko
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I'm a big fan of Liz's cloth hemp diapers. They are great diapers and Liz is such a nice WAHM to work with

My fave wool covers right now are Bizzy B Hive. I just won one from WAHMall and it is BEAUTIFUL! She does such cute little designs on her wool covers, they are little works of art!
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I sold off all my Kooshies too! I tried just about everything, but my fav AIOs are:

Apronstrings microfleece
Angelwraps quick dry AIO
Luke's drawers candy wrapper

As Luka outgrows these I'm making my own fitteds and using prefolds (shock!horror!) more and more. Even my dh is feeling the prefold love now, where he used to be strictly an Apronstrings man (if we had none left, he couldn't figure out how to change the baby!) Perhaps I did go a bit overboard on different systems...

Have fun shopping!
Too funny! I have found that for my guy Fireflies and RBs work best and I love my BBH wool in ones. Those are all very trim. Since we started CDing when ds was older, the bulkier diapers really bug him and he tugs at them. I haven't tried SP wool yet. We live in Texas and it's HOT; so, I just let him go without a cover. I have some Fuzzi Bunz that I use if we have to be absolutely leak-free but after reading that heating up boy's testicles may contribute to sterility
I try to keep his clothing as breathable as possible.

When I started CDing I bought one of everything, I think. I'm about to list some on the TP that aren't working for us so that I can buy some more of those that do.

They're all virtually brand new. I'll pm you the list before I post it if you're interested. I have SPs, FMBG, Cuddlebuns, Liz Cloth, HH....I can't remember the rest right now...oh, a Fuzbaby cotton. Let me know.

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