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Diapering moms in south central PA?

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I know Lori lives out that way, and I forgot who else. I might stop in Saxton/Huntingdon/Beford area Anyhoo I'm heading out to Shippensburg and Gettysburg sometime during the 18th to the 25th to buy some fabric. Anyone want to have an informal diaper party? :LOL I'll probably spend 2 days out there, its about 200-250 miles from here.
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If you're coming to Huntingdon, give me a holler!
October 25th is MY BIRTHDAY! :LOL

I'm having my boys' combined b-day party (Trapper's is Oct. 10 and Gunnar's is Oct. 31) on the 25th as big ol' party.
The more the merrier!
Lori, wow! Lots of Birthdays!

how old are your kiddos going to be? If I make it out there we really ought to get together
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I live in clinton county, right in the middle of the state - i am about 40 minutes NE of state college. lmk if you guys get together - i would love to compare dipes!
you are welcome at my house, too.
sorry for no capitals, i broke my arm

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btw - another b-day - eliza will be one on nov. 8

Hiya Lea!

Trapper will be 2 on Oct. 10 and Gunnar will be 6 on Oct. 31.

Definitely let me know if you're heading down this way.

Sorry to hear you broke your arm, Mama.
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Hello! I'm a diapering mamma in Cumberland county, but I still drive into Lancaster county frequently. And my Eli will also be one on November 8th.
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Hi there. I'm in Central PA 4-5 times a year, because my ILs live in Camp Hill, outside of Harrisburg. If any of you have toddlers, I would love to meet you the next time I'm in town (for Christmas). Let me know, because I need time away from ILs house!
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