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diapers at night

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So Cailan has started screaming if I change his diaper during the night. I think it's because he's sort of sleeping through the night... he still eats 2 or 3 times a night but he doesn't really wake up for it, if you know what I mean. If I change his diaper he wakes all the way up and lets us know he's not happy about it!

So, should I just skip the night-time changes? He never poops at night, just pees. We use fuzzi bunz at night, and the fleece wicks pretty well, but the insert is SOOO wet and stinky if we don't change it. And I just feel bad leaving him in the same diaper for 9 hours. But I feel pretty bad when he's screaming at 2 am.

What are you all doing?
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I skip nighttime changes unless she seems uncomfortable or has pooped... let sleeping babies lie
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Definitely don't change any dipes at night unless they are poopy. Add an extra doubler if you need too. Sleep!
oh HELL no. we don't mess with her at night unless she demands it. LOL if it ain't broke, don't change it's diaper. LMAO!
Id agree! Never wake a sleeping babe and never night change unless they are poopy. Add 2 inserts if needed.
I haven't changed Samara's diaper at night since she was about 2 days old. She's stopped pooping at night since then, so no need to.
us too. she usually sleeps through the night so forget it....i aint waking her up to change her! LOL I double the inserts. LOL If she poops I would thought but she only poops when she's awake.
i dont unless hes poopy...glad to know im not alone
me too! sound like we all do the same thing!

I did that with Jevin too. Neither of them got/get any rashes or anything.
We put one cpf and one insert into the Fuzzi Bunz for nightime diapers. It seems to be enough for dd.
nope i don't change her at night. one prefold, one insert and some type of cream on her bum to keep the moisture off her skin. it's generally soaked in the morning, but she sleeps right through it.

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