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Diapers for more than one baby, diapering to last more than one child ?

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Okay I have a range of diapers I have tried but sadly as ds gets to be 16 months many of the M/L diapers we've been using daily for the past year are getting very worn out with tiny holes. We want to have one or two more babies...

so stash buildling for next one...
what will last two kids? I did buy a few used diapers off TP to get ideas for different types does buying used dipes make them last that much less time? I just think should I buy new for next time not TP diapers if they could last two more kids not just one?

what brands, materials do you find holds up best?
I know its not PUL, but wool happens to get smaller...fleece seems best but..?
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Hemp is known to get little holes. Cotton is probably best. Elastic wears out, so probably prefolds. I don't know off the top of my head whether PUL wears out or lasts a while. But if you have a nice stash of prefolds, covers won't be that expensive to buy and you can always buy used off the TP for really really cheap! I have prefolds that I'm using on Sara that have been through BOTH my neighbor's kids and are still going strong. They are just run of the mill chinese prefolds too. So I KNOW they survive well in rubbermaid plastic storage containers away from bugs and dirt and water.

Elastic wears out, so probably prefolds.
I think I could do prefolds easier on an infant but with ds I haven't felt the prefold love....he's got that aim issue where if the diaper isn't on and snug it goes up....

dh today announced he doesn't like velcro or stuffable icky and the kids master aplix too early for him to stop them taking off the poo'y diaper.
I can recommend (from experience) Ecobaby Grow-with-me diapers; they're one-sized, organic cotton sherpa (read: absorbant!), extremely durable, and very comfy. They come with a snap - in doubler so you can make them trimmer or more absorbant as needed. I bought mine at Montana's Diaper Store- at $11.99 each (including doublers) you can really get great value for them!

I know you just said that you don't want to do this is in the FWIW column....I've gotten numerous fuzzi bunz that I've used for both of my kids and they stood the test of time. Some haven't and have had to be retired, but many have withstood multiple multiple washes and wears.
I agree also the prefolds would work well. If you would rather do fitteds and are worried about elastic being shot, a good snug fitting cover will help cure any elastic issues if you buy nice fitteds and then the elastic goes. I have a few fitteds that the elastic is shot, but it doesn't effect use at all because the cover I use is snug enough. So, that's an option as well.
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