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Cleaning out what doesn't fit anymore anmd what we don't use.<br>
Fuzzi Bunz petite toddler one yellow and one white$5 each<br>
FB large bug print 2nd not reverse but laminated on the outside$5<br><br>
bleached infant with green stitching I have 12 $12 plus shipping<br><br>
1 pink mom and me creations samual soaker size large with a lay in doubler. $5 ppd<br><br>
1m Bunnyhugs transportation outer orange micro innner snap in soaker $5 ppd<br><br>
Angelluv fitted medium curious geroge print with 2 soakers 1 soaker i made not the prettiest. $3 ppd<br><br>
1 unknown wahm aio looks like a little lamb but not size large Dr print has cute stethescopes and crutches all other missing one snap for the tighest thigh setting $5 ppd<br><br>
1 fleece pocket looks like a watermelon very cute velcro closure size medium $5 ppd<br><br><br>
Zootkitty pockets medium $9 each orTHE LAST 3 AND 2 JOEYS FOR $30 ppd and 2 joeys if you take them all<br>
green hippo<br>
blue rocket ship bears<br>
blue counting animals<br><br>
Righteous baby size 2 it is one of the recycled wools in the brown colors includes 2 snap in soakers Only used 2 or 3 times as my ds likes to poop in it and i don't want to be washing it all the time.<br>
freshly washed $37ppd SOLD<br><br><br>
Al diapers are clean in great condition there are no stains that i see<br>
If you don't like my prices make me an offer. payal funded or not is ok and money orders or iso:<br>
patchwork pixie fleece or soakers for them to fit a 21 lb boy<br>
or righteous baby fleece size 2<br>
or try me for anything for a 21lb boy<br><br>
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