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Cross-posted in FFS. I will ship them if someone can cover shipping, or wait until later in the month and I can afford to ship them (around December 18th)

Lot 1: To a pregnant mama:

12 unbleached cotton preemie prefolds
4 orange edge newborn prefolds
4 white edge small prefolds
5 dark blue edge small prefolds
7 (varying shades) green edge small prefolds

Lot 2: A child currently in small diapers who needs an upgrade:

1 unbleached cotton white edge medium prefold
3 red edge medium prefolds (GMD?)
6 green edge medium prefolds
6 dark blue edge large unbleached prefolds (Nikki's diapers?)
3 white flats (washed but not used)
2 medium velcro Bummi's covers
1 unbleached wool Swaddlebees medium pull on cover (looks brand new)

Lot 3 To a kiddo in mediums but needing larges:

14 orange edge large prefolds
3 Bummi's nylon covers ( 1 large, 2 extra-large)
1 large Bum Genius AIO in blue


Lot 3: To a kiddo age 1 or so moving towards XL diapers:

15 XL/toddler prefolds (both worn and used as diaper changing covers)
Purple XL Dream-Eze side snap AIO (hemp?)
1 bamboo Motherease Toddler with doubler
3 Stacinator toddler covers
3 doublers

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Are any of those good for heavy wetters? I'm accepting that kiddo isn't going to be potty trained in the near future and am getting really sick of waking up in a soggy bed. We have a decent enough stash of diapers, but we need more absorbent ones.
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