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diarreah or something i am eating.....

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my 6 week old dd's poops dont quite smell right.....3 1/2 year old ds' are a little off too.....everyone but dd had the stomach bug last week with it ending on saturday - my fear is that she is starting with it, though it has been more than 48 hours since i ended with it.....the dr. said we would know if she had diarreah coz it would not have that sweet breastmilk poop smell....well, this doesnt, but it does not smell awful either - ds is not complaining about not feeling well or anything.....other than color - i have never noticed that what i eat effects the kids poops.....the color is still the normal yellow for dd.....could a lot of spaghetti sauce make their poop smell acidy??? or could the fact that i aam totally dehydrated be effecting their poop??? please help - she was just hospitalized for 4 days with rsv, which is doing fine now, but i can not take worrying that now something else is wrong.......
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Keep an eye on it for the next few days but I would bet that it is nothing major. Yes, what you eat can definately make a difference in how their poops look and smell and the acidity of tomatoes can change that for sure. It very well could be that she is coming down with a little something since everyone else was sick, but know that she is getting the best support she possibly could for her immune system from your breastmilk. Glad she is doing better from the rsv.
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