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Diary in bulk, how to freeze, what will keep, and what to get!!!

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Look for lots of questions from me the next 2 days, I am starting to buy from a healthfood co-op, but have no idea what the products look like or taste like. I need to get enough to last me 1 month... so, here we go!

1. What type of milk should I try out for my 2 year old? How long will the milk last, and how should I store it? I'm trying to get dairy free, as my babe is alergic, but my DH and DD do drink about 3 gal a week!!! The brand available is Organic Valley reduced fat chocolate and 1% (both organic). Maybe just 1 gal of each to start with? How would I store it if I got more than will fit in my fridge?

2. Yogurt!!! My DH and DD eat lots of yogurt, so I want to get quite a bit of this. I'm not sure what the difference is in the kinds available, and what kind we would like. Normally I get yopliat from the store. The kinds available thru the co-op are: Brown Cow Farms ~ lowfat, no fat or whole milk. What is the difference in the taste? link: if you want to see the ingredients. There is also a goat milk yogurt. Can I eat this if baby is showing signs of a dairy alergy? or is the cow and goat milk too similar?

Also, how should I store the extra yogurt, how is it frozen? Can I use it as a ice cream substitue?

3. Cheese, DH is willing to try a healthier cheese, but he wants a sliced one, like the Kraft American cheese :LOL I fiound this one: Chippewa Valley Cheese co-op DESCRIPTION: This all-natural cheese is made from milk selected from the best small dairy farms in Wisconsin.
INGREDIENTS: Natural American cheese (cultured milk, salt, enzymes), water, cream, sodium phophate, paprika, turmeric extracts if colored. Are these ingredients okay? Do you know of another alternative? He eats cheese on all of his sandwiches.

Thanks for helping me out! I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. I'm basically looking for less processed, no PHO, and no added sugars or fructose in things. If you have other products that you like, please let me know! I will probably be asking about snack stuff next :LOL
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Organic Valley milk has no growth hormones or pesticides, that's good, but it's ultra-pasteurized, which is not so good. (It will last a long time in your fridge, but the good enzymes that make milk nutritious are killed off) The chocolate kind is really good but has a LOT of sugar, and I wonder if they have whole milk can usually use the extra fat.
For milk, I would recommend organic raw cow or goat milk, or if they don't have that, any unhomogenized organic whole milk.

Brown Cow yogurt is gooooood. The texture is cloud-like, that's the only way I can describe it. Get the whole milk version for the kiddies and the lowfat for yourself, if you prefer. Goat milk yogurt is often well tolerated by people with dairy allergies, as it's predigested and has smaller casein protiens. I've never tried freezing it though.

The cheese you described sounded well, better than Kraft but I'm wondering about the sodium phosphate--I know many forms of it are implicated in ADD/ADHD. Try a natural cheese that's mild like colby or monterey jack--you can often get it in slices. But if your dc is adamant, like my son was for the first 3 years of life, try Galaxy's organic American cheese. It comes prewrapped and everything.

P.S. Oh I just noticed the Kraft Cheese lover was your DH, not your DS! LOL!
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