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did any of you use garlic for BV or yeast?

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So I read a lot in these forums about using garlic to get rid of BV and yeast

well I took antibiotics for an ear infection (before I got pregnant) then I wound up with a mild yeast infection which took about 2 weeks to get rid of, which in return gave me a nasty case of BV (tmi-green and yellow discharge, itchy) so I was prescribed metrodizole (sp?) took that twice a day for 7 days along with the metro gel, my doctor said it was gone but I said I was still itching and he "didn't know why I was itching" pfft. Anyways 2 days later discharge metro didn't work for it. So I sucked it up and tried the garlic thing last night (inserting it) and the itching stopped! so I again inserted it last night but I had to pee really bad a couple hours later and then I just inserted one this morning. I left in it for a good 4 hours and my question

when it come out it turned yellow? like neon yellow? is that normal?!?!? plus I had really really thick yellow and green discharge (tmi) left right behind it, but ahhh I don't itch!

also- how long does this take to usually work? I heard 1 night then I heard 3 days etc. One day obviously didn't cut it for me.. yet.

also I tried ACV rinses, did not work, been taking pearls probiotics for 2 weeks, eating and apply plain yogurt with live and active cultures.

I would really like to hurry up and kick this thing! I heard it was dangerous while pregnant and a midwife (not mine, but a close friends mom is a midwife) and she told me to eat garlic all day, she said to add it in all my food, but I never asked her about inserting it.

sorry this is long but prescription crap isn't working for me!!!

I am 6 weeks.

(ps sorry this is long but I desperate!)
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