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Did anyone/anything...

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influence your descision to breastfeed??
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Breastmilk is the only way for vegans to feed their babies.
i was breastfed. i never considered ffing a child i would have. the milk is there for a reason.
My mom

She nursed me and my brother (was in LLL way back in the 60s) and I never considered anything else.
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I just figured that's the way babies are fed! I viewed formula as this back up plan for extreme cases like the mother died or is on drugs or something.

When people asked me if I was going to breastfeed, I was really taken aback... like, why wouldn't I? So then I actually looked into it and read up on it, and now I have a billion reasons why breastmilk is best. I still go back to the original reason. That's just what moms and babies do!
$$$ was honsetly the first reason why i wanted to bf (along with it being best)
But after being really successful with is so much easier than is always right there, at the right temp, natures perfect food
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...being born a mammal

No seriously, I made the decision because I always heard it's "best". I wanted to do everything that was best for my babe, which is why I also chose natural birth, cloth diapers, leaving him intact, etc. Now I try not to stress the "best" label, though, and put the importance on "It's how babies are SUPPOSED to be fed."
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With my first, it wasn't a conscious choice like "should I ff or bf?" I just sought information on how to bf. I never thought about formula. But, after 5 months of terrible bfing experience with my first, I switched to formula and didn't worry about it.

With my second, I experienced the same non-choice. I can't really explain it. I just bf'd. Luckily, this time it's working and I'm WOH and pumping.

I think I'm inclined to do things "natural". I'm 28 and my hair's turning gray and that's just the way it is. I guess it's just my disposition. I don't know. You got me thinking and I never thought about it before. Hmmm... I grew up in LA and my family's always called me a "hippie" though I could never understand why. I thought I did things like everyone else. But, as I've grown up, I can see how that's not often true.
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When I was in high school, I figured I would bottlefeed because that's what my mom did and bfing was just ewwww. Then my SIL who is 8 yrs older than me had my nephew and she bfed him. I still wasn't sold because she was a SAHM and seemed really tied down. I was going to be a career woman and send my kid to daycare - I was all "I am woman, hear me roar".

Fast forward 10 years to when a good friend had a baby and bf and pumped at work. Hmmm... interesting. Then, I finally decided to get pregnant and the AP light bulb went off in my head -- suddenly I questioned drugs in labor, formula, etc.

So my SIL and friend opened my eyes and my own mothering instinct (which I didn't even know I had) sealed the deal. I bf dd for two years and ds is still going strong at 16 months in spite of both of them being premies in the NICU. I now scare my dh sometimes because I'm such a lactivist!
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three years working in child survival programs in africa.

It also influenced my pro vax stance

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When we were in high school, my best friend had a baby and breastfed him. I remember sitting beside her once when we were out somewhere, and she just pulled her bra & shirt up & latched him on. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. (Mind you, this 17-year-old was my first exposure to breastfeeding!)

My other big formative experience...When I was 13, I babysat my cousin Becky's DD Misty Dawn. She was FF (because Ruth told her daughter her breasts were too small for her to nurse
). So, babysitting her, I had to make up bottles of formula. Powdered formula. It was a messy, nasty process, harder than heck, and the formula stank to high heavens. I knew then that it was something I was going to avoid at all costs!

Too, there is a heavy spiritual component to it for me. If God had wanted me to breastfeed, He'd have given me breasts.
These suckers are big enough, they need to earn their keep somehow!
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My mum breastfed. I never made a decision to breastfeed, really. I made a decision to have a baby, and bf is how you feed babies unless something terrible happens.

I'm in the not-really-a-decision camp. That's how babies eat.

More recently, I've definitely made a decision not to wean, despite complications and pressure. And I've definitely made a decision to breastfeed into toddlerhood and (I hope) beyond.
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