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Did anyone else wait to take a HPT - or not take one?

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Well....after 9 cycles of's looking REALLY good for me!!!
AF is two days late, temps are up boobs are sore, had diarrhea all day yesterday, a weird taste in my mouth last night but.........

I just can't bring myself to pee on a stick!!

I'm sort of in a weird place of shock and disbelief. I spent the first year of my marriage fantasizing about what it would be like to have a baby….the second year negotiating with DH about TTC (I was ready, he was not)…..and the last 10 months trying and trying and praying…..and walking around our house with a pillow under my shirt pretending…and reading every pregnancy and baby book I could get my hands on…and picking out names.…and balling my eyes out every time AF showed up…..and now that I actually really think I am pregnant….WOW's all just pretty intense!!!!!!

Has anyone else experienced this?


PS ~ I am thinking of maybe testing this weekend. Saturday is the full moon...and according to my calendar there's going to be a total lunar eclipse...and it's a Taurus moon (don't know exactly what that means but I'm a it seems like a good omen). But I'm not sure if I want to even then.....
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i didn't test until i was exactly one week late. well, actually i guess i tried once a couple days earlier but the test was defective and i didn't even get a control line. i probably wouldn't have tested then except it was new year's eve and i thought it would be a good idea *just in case* :LOL
it took me forever to believe it was true though.

that said, this time around, i've wasted many a test since i haven't gotten PPAF and i doubt i'd have the restraint despite the crushing disappointment of a BFN.

and that said, TEST TEST TEST!!!!! i'm going crazy waiting to hear about your BFP. i am so nervous and excited for you, i really really hope this is your month. as much as i love having you around the TTC board, it would be so awesome for you to move to the pregnant board
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When I got pregnant with my 1st 2 babies, tests were not even sensitive until 2 weeks after af was due, so then I waited. The next 4 babies, I tested the day af was due. Last 2, I tested early.

I can't wait to see your BFP!!!! You chart looks so good!
Erin- your chart is really very pretty- never thought id think that about some dots on a graph!
i can understand exactly why you dont want to test yet. hell when you get 18 days of high teps that is a positive test! i am definantly praying for you ..i would love for you to join the june board.
im getting the fizzing applejuice ready!
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WOW! Your last chart and this chart look nothing alike!

Your last chart had pretty sparatic temps but this cycle your O date is very obvious, your temps are nice and steady, no big jumps or leaps!

It looks great! I'm so excited for you!!
Erin! I often peek on the TTC boards to see how everyone is doing. Your chart looks so good!

It's agony not being sure and wishing so hard, but it's exciting... You want to know and you sort of do know but you don't want to know, and it's such a huge thing!

Babydust on you!!! Blessings and prayers and good baby vibes!!! Have a wonderful rest of the week, whatever you decide to do!
Thanks you guys!!

I e-mailed DH and he agrees that we should wait until Saturday to test. So la, la, la....hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep between now and then!

T Don't know about that "total lunar eclipse" thing from my OP -- can't find ANYTHING online that says there will be an eclipse this weekend (maybe I mis-read my lunar calendar) but it is a full moon and a 3-day weekend and I'm pretty sure that I'm finally pregnant so....woo-hoo!!

Hey Panda!! Nice to "see" ya! You must be getting close, right?

Megan ~ I KNOW!!! Weird, huh? This chart is definitely different then all my others (well duh....of course because it is THE ONE!!!)

Liz ~ Hope to see you on the June board VERY soon!

Jess ~ I will miss all my TTC friends (until we all meet up again over here) but honestly I've been hanging out on the TTC board WAY TOO long. :LOL

Donna ~ Are you going to be a May or a June mama? Either way....can't wait to hang out with you over here!

Thank you for all your support!!!
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Erin ~ congratulations!!! It's looking great for you! I am sure you will be soon changing your name to mama-to-be
I'll be thinking of you on Saturday!

I did not test until I was I think 2 weeks late.......but unlike you, I did not want to be pg, so I was really scared to take a test. Well, now I am the happiest mom on Earth!! I am so in love with this little creature!! I really hope this is it for you!


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Erin! I am so happy to see this post from you! I know this is it, I am so excited for you! Have a wonderful weekend of celebration!!

Sticky-stickies to you!!
Ohhhhh Errrriin! I peeked at your chart this morning....
K....'nuff said!

I am a mid June mama.....we can all scooch over a bit for you to join us!
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Just wanted to vote for *not* testing. I planned to do that w/this preg. but ended up at the dr. for another health concern, for which they were tlaking surgery. SO I told them, well, you better preg. test me sicne we "tried" this month. And it was positive.
ANyway, I really really wanted to gradually come into this knowledge on my own. And since this is probably our last, will never get to do this. THough I definitely understand the need to know. Just my .02. good luck either way.
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Thanks you guys....

Well...I broke down and POAS yesterday.
(of course)

I'm feeling like I got the best of both worlds by waiting a little to test.

For the last week and a half I have been observing the unfolding of this process....feeling SO confident that the messages my body was sending me were VERY clear.

DH and I had some time together where we KNEW and could celebrate before anyone else.....and then yesterday the test confirmed what we knew and I was able to share our joy with my parents, my sister and a couple of close friends (oh yeah and everyone at MDC of course :LOL ). just feels great! I can't stop
Thanks again for all of your support and good wishes!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS! Whoo-hoooooo! I'm so happy for you, Erin! And look out, the next 8 months are going to FLY, and suddenly you'll have 4 weeks left and tons of stuff to do still to get ready. But it's so much fun. YOU'RE PREGNANT! Such a happy time. Yahooo!
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Yaaaahooooo!!!! Congrats!!! This is wonderful news, you worked hard for it, enjoy your pregnancy! Many blessing to you, dh and little one.
Erin, hooray!!!!! And welcome to the pregnancy board.
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