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Did anyone VBAC in NE Texas/NW Louisiana?

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I only know of one other person who has VBAC'ed in this area. I am looking for some leads on some good OBs or midwives.
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contact anne lastrapes [email protected] A MIDWIFE or thier is a birth center in lafaYETTE DON'T KNOW HOW CLOSE YOU ARE?
It's extremely difficult to find a good midwife (Or OB for that matter) In Louisiana. Terribly difficult.

We used the midwives in Lafayette (@ a birth center) for prenatal care for our third baby, but went on to have a (planned) unassisted birth.

Louisiana is known for having over-involved (read: intervention-crazy) OBs, so it would be difficult to find someone who will support a VBAC, although I'm fairly sure those midwives in Lafayette do them.

I drove an hour to see the midwives in Lafayette and felt I would have better chances of having a successful natural birth at home (and I desperately wanted a homebirth, there just weren't any homebirthing midwives in my area, and it would have cost me a lot more to hire a MW from Texas.. and there was no guarantee they would make it in time).

Try calling those midwives in Lafayette (there is only one birth center there- I want to say it is called Gentle Choices, or something like that). They may be able to help you find a VBAC friendly midwife or OB in your area.
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