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Did something crazy to my groin area.

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How's that for a thread title?

I was sitting on the floor playing with Ani and then stood up quickly. It feels like I pulled something in there. Any idea how to make it go away?
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I am constantly having issues with my groin this pregnancy. All I can tell you is that I feel better when I rest, but that is hard to do with another child around. Don't be surprised if your leg on that side starts to ache also. Sorry I can't tell you anymore than that. But...good luck!

Oh boy... I feel your pain. I am constantly pulling something in my groin. Anytime I strain to lift, push, pull etc anything even slightly heavy (but not too heavy) I feel a pull and am sore for a day or two. Rest seems to help and I've been using this microwavable heat pad on occasion too. I use it just for a few minutes before I go to sleep and it seems to soothe those sore muscles and ligaments. I feel like an old lady sometimes!!
Your body is making relaxin-something to loosen you up for the big day. My second pregnancy was plaqued by groin pain. Pools, baths and showers all made me feel better.

Maxin in the relaxin is so taxin!
I have issues with my groin area too. I just thought it was from walking...huh. I thought it might be due to relaxin...but I wasn't sure. Glad to know I'm not alone!
Sometimes when it gets really bad I heat up a rice pad and put it right there. It sure looks awkward having a heating pad strewn across my lap but it defintely helps.
You may need your pubic bone adjusted by a chiropractor!
I don't have any advice, but I can empathize!

I get this weekly pregnancy newsletter and the last one gave the suggestion to start doing squats. It said to use a door by holding each side of a doorknob with your hands and then squat away. The next couple of days I was a whining mess! OWWWWWWWWWW!!!
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