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Did you cosleep with your parents?

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I have a hard time relating to the posts where people's parents object to you cosleeping with your kids and it's because I slept in my mom's bed until I was at least 6 years old. She weaned me from it by starting me off in my bed every night. Eventually I stopped going from my room to hers.

So when I had my kids I adamately refused to cosleep. I didn't want my kids in bed with me THAT long LOL. I also didn't EBF my older two. I didn't learn how much I'd love cosleeping till this baby. Heck just weeks before she was born I was saying "No way" Anyway I'm getting away from my point LOL

So who else coslept when they were little

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My mom was a single mom til I was 4 1/2 and I am pretty sure that we coslept occasionally, but also had a crib.( I have seen pics) when I got out of the crib, we shared a TWIN bed.

She got married when I was 4 1/2 and i got my own room. I dont even remember the transition.

We dont really cosleep unless coming in at 6 am and falling back to sleep counts.
Or if sleeping in the recliner or on the couch together counts.

My mom has never said either way, but i have a cousin who lost 2 babies when they were cosleeping, no other cause was ever determined. they ruled it as death by suffocation.
so it would be a slightly touchy subject I am sure if we brought it up or said we didnt get a crib or something like that.

I like your point though.

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I know that I co-slept with my mom until I was probably 3 or 4. She was single one room apt, didn't even own a crib. Heck we still have slumber parties when her dh and mine are out of town. Glad she has a california king because it's really crouded with her, me and my three kids.
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yeah both my brother and i co-slept often with my parents. we all slept in the same room for SEVERAL years, and often in the bed with my parents (middle of the night kind of thing). any time my dad was away visiting family in Peru or on business, we always slept with mom.

a few years ago when my dad was away for a looooooooong trip to Peru, i spent several nights at my mom's and we slept together then, too. i was probably about 26yo. LOL

we have only ever been away from our DS once overnight (when we were birthing DD LOL) and my mom coslept with him that night. i'm so lucky to have such supportive family. now the IL's are a totally different story. LMAO!
I didn't, I wasn't even allowed to go in my moms room (single mom)... I longed so much to go cuddle at times though so I knew that later on I would want to co-sleep...

However, Dh Co-Slept with his parents... when his sister was born when he was 8 he moved to the floor... he would start off the night in his own room and would be sleeping on the little matress next to his parents bed when he woke in the morning...

He is also much closer to his parents then I ever will be to my mom...
I didn't co-sleep either. There are a few random pictures of me napping with my dad, but that's it. My parents were strong believers that a parents room is for parents. Ironically, now that they are grandparents, they think co-sleeping is "fine" because babies are only babies once.

DH co-slept though, but not until his parents separated when dh was 2. His dad didn't want dh in the bed for as long as my bil was in the bed (about 2 years I think). Once my IL's split up, MIL lived with her family, and her kids had no place to sleep other than in bed with her....I have no idea what they did when they were with my FIL.
I also wasn't allowed to co-sleep w/my parents. Interestingly though, when my parents divorced, my brother (5 yrs younger) was allowed to sleep on my mom's bedroom floor for at least 3 years. Where's the justice???
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My mum and dad always let me and my sister know that we were welcome in their bed if we needed comfort. Sometimes it was a race to see who got there first! Their trick was to put us in the middle so we got hot and went back to our own rooms!

I didn't know until this week that my mum and dad used to have us in with them as babies when we were fussy and not sleeping. We were also in a crib next to their bed for the first couple of months to ease night time comforting. So while we didn't sleep with them all of the time it was seen as normal to go in with them when we needed to and I still lie on their bed and snuggle and chat when I am home visiting (I am 32!).

When we were little my mum used to have us sleep in with her when we were ill too. I remember even doing this when I was 18 and had a high fever. When my mum worked at an early cleaning job leaving at 5 each morning me and my sister would pile in to my dad's bed - lucky him!
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I wasn't "forbidden", but wasn't invited, either...
I probably snuggled with them sometimes, like if I wasn't feeling well or something, but for the most part I was in my own room all the time.

My mom and dad don't "get it" that we're still OK with DS wandering in whenever and sleeping with us (usually around midnight - he starts out in his own bed most nights), but oh well. We love it, and know he'll eventually want to be on his own all night.
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We didn't cosleep as kids but we were also never left to CIO either. My mom got up with me in the night until I was 2, she rocked or nursed me until I started sleeping through on my own right before my sister was born. I think she was nuts for not cosleeping! But I'm grateful that she was against CIO and responded no matter what time it was
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Sort of as well. Not as an infant. But from toddlerhood on, I crawled in bed with my parents nearly every night until I was 8 or so. I was always welcome, but I always started out in my own bed.
My mom was also a single parent, still is actualy. I co slept with her for years on and off. I was terrified of my bedroom and crib, my dad beat my mom up in front of me when I was a little baby. Although I don't remember the event my bedroom at my moms still makes me uneasy. So on and off for years I slept with her when I was scared. She always started me out in my own bed but I would "sneak" into bed with her. When my mom went back to work when was four I would sneak into my grandparents room too. They had two rooms. My mom said some nights when we would all stay there I would run from room to room
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not as an infant.......but as a young child and a bit older I would climb in.....we;d watch movies and I'd fall asleep......when i would come home from college and a bit after to visit i would always go up into her room in her giant bed and nap....i'd wake there the next morning all covered up....

my sister didn't do it as often as i did.....
Nope, pretty sure there was no co-sleeping. Believe it or not, I vaguely recall the bedroom my brother & I shared when we were very young. But I am a twin and I know that he & I shared a crib for a while. My parents divorced when I was about 6 but we always had our own beds and rooms. I actually never even thought about co-sleeping with my daughter but it just turned out to be natural for us. I knew nothing about Attachment Parenting until I realized one day while researching something, I came across Dr. Sears and found out that my choices were very much in line with AP. Until then, I was reading the "What to do while your expecting" type mainstream literature.

Anyway, my mom does support my parenting choices even if she thought I nursed a little too long (3 yrs). She also will bedshare with my daughter when I'm out of town on business. I think that's cool! And I mean you just can't argue when the grand dd is so wonderful! I must be doing something right!
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There was abslolutely NO co-sleeping for the older kids at our house but when my sister was born when I was 8 she co-slept with my mom while my dad slept on the couch (he thinks the "man" should rule the roost and should have full access to mom at night) until she was 2. I shared a bed with my step sister for 2 years starting when I was 5 or 6.

My dh slept with his parents until he was 6 and has fond memories of it. He was afraid of the dark and had night terrors when he was younger so it was the only place he felt secure to sleep. He is a huge advocate for co-sleeping and loves that we do the family bed. My MIL still thinks people shouldn't co-sleep because she had such difficulty getting dh out of bed with them. She's weird.
Oh heck yeah!!
I didn't sleep alone till I was 11 yrs. old!!!!! Bless them for that, made me certain I would be a co-sleeping mama!! I am & I love it!!
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Yes, off an on until I was out of the house! We didn't start out there, but we were always welcome if we came in.
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cool topic!!

my decision to co-sleep was very much rooted in the very few, very memorable times I got to sleep with my parents. Sometimes in the middle of the night I'd crawl in with my parents--right between them--and would sleep there all night. I distinctly remember at age 3 or 4 going in a second night in a row and they sent me right back to my room. I can still remember how good it felt to be in there with them.

i'm sooooo glad my husband was cool with co-sleeping because I think it has been wonderful to be so close to my two boys. It's so fleeting.....they are growing up so quickly and now that we are finally past the constant night-waking of the first few years, I cherish every night I put the two of them to bed in the Big Bed.

Interestingly, just reading a pp about coming home from college and falling asleep in her mother's bed--I realized that this will not be a reality for us, since we have two boys and are not planning on any more! all the more reason to cherish every evening!!!
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We definitely did, and for quite a a matter of fact, my younger brothers still do now.
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We did, but there were 4 of us, and I know we slept in cribs at least part of each night. My parents are a bit fuzzy on the details, but I think as infants, we'd be put to bed in the crib which was usually in their room and then Mom would bring us to bed for feedings and most likely kept us there for most of the night. I have very few memories of sleeping in my own bed before age 5 or so, but many vivid memories of sharing my parents' bed with all of my siblings. It was crowded!

I had read up on AP before I got PG, but I definitely would have at least had a crib in the room with me, and brought baby to bed to nurse. I can't stand not being near DS while he's sleeping. Call me paranoid...
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