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Did you delay solids past 6 months? Why?

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Howdy --

Well, the subject line about says it all. The prevailing wisdom these days seems to be to introduce solids at about six months. But I'm interested in hearing from moms who waited longer for solids. Why did you decide to wait longer?

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we just started solids. alice is 8 months. i don't think we "delayed" them though, we waited until she was ready to eat them. i think pureed babyfood is pretty pointless. if the food needs to be liquified maybe they just need liquid (milk) KWIM? now alice can eat little bites. she still has less than a teaspoon a day.
I actually started solids at 5 months, however dd has never really liked babyfood (pureed). She rarely will eat it. She is 8 months now, and she still doesn't show a liking for it. She is starting a few finger foods now, and loves avocado from her mesh feeder. She does like yogurt from Yo' Baby. I just wonder if the babyfood is worth as the above poster stated. I don't know that I'll even give babyfood a try until my next babe seems to need it when I have another.
Delaying solids was not really a choice for my dd2. She had some real problems eating that she's still recovering from. She did not truly start eating solids until 18 mos. I have several friends who just skip the whole babyfood stage and let their kids decide when they will eat. Most start eating at around 12 mos old but still depend heavily on the breast for nutrition until age 2.
My DS is 8 months old today, and while I've attempted to get him to eat some solids a few times in the last couple months, no attempts have gone well. I waited till 6 months for my daughter, both for a family history of allergies on my husband's side, and to give her digestive system a chance to develop more fully. I was planning on starting at 6 months with DS, too, if very slowly, but he seems to have a super gag reflex. He still won't take a bottle ever (which isn't hard for me, but sure gets a lot of sympathy from my mainstream friends), and I tried a several times in the past to get him to take a pacifier to help him nod off to sleep when I felt like he had sucked me raw. None of that ever worked, either. He just doesn't like anything in his mouth, I guess. Anyway, when I try solids with him, he tends to kind of gag and choke on it more than I'm comfortable with. And he's a nice chunky baby still, and growing fine, so I'm not going to push it. Obviously he's not quite ready still. Although he's definitely interested in drinking from a cup...gets very excited if I offer to share my water glass with him
But will hardly open his mouth at all for a spoon. So, we continue to wait.
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We started around 7.5 months and waited a bit since I didn't want to give up my exclusive breastfeeding relationship, we wanted to protect her from allergens a little longer, and we wanted to be sure she was ready. In my opinion, a baby should be able to feed themselves from the them a little taste on your finger is one thing, but at the least the babe should be able to get the food into their mouth on their own and they should WANT to do it more than once! When we started, DD was sitting and standing easily, she had 4 teeth, and she was obviously interested.

We never used store bought baby food...we bought a little food mill and smooshed up a few "single ingredient" things (avocado, banana, apple, pear, plums, peach, sweet potato, carrot, squash, etc) and she had a new "smoosh" to play with every few days. We just put a little on a plate and let her feed herself. Since she was still getting most of her nutrition from breastmilk there was no need to make sure she ate a certain amount of solids and I didn't have to stress...she could eat or not, it wasn't a big deal.

After a few weeks of "smoosh" we started fork mashing the food and leaving bigger chunks. Within a month or so she was eating tiny portions of whatever we eat. We just cut the food into small bites and let her feed herself. She's a year now and still nursing happily and a master of the spoon (though fingers are still her favorite dining tool).

(her current favorites are whole wheat waffles with plain yogurt, steamed ginger carrots, apple/pear sauce with vanilla, and chunks of avocado served straight up)
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I delayed solids for a few reasons. I heard you could introduce food allergies that they might not have otherwise. He didn't show interest in food until we fed it to him. It was also to my understanding that he didn't need it for a year. He got EVERYTHING he needed from my milk. I introduced avacodo to him at 10M and he loved it, then came bananas which constipated him, but he loved it, rice cereal, sweet potatoes. I kinda thought like a cavewomen, I would try to give him things that were easily digested without putting alot of effort into it. I wouldn't mill meats to make sure he could swallow them, I just didn't give him meat until he had teeth and could chew it himself.
My dd is 12 months and 99.5% breastfed. I'll give her an apple or pear, usually once daily but not always, and she'll take little bites of of them, nothing substantial- like 1/4 or 1/8 tsp and that's it. She likes the taste but her nutrition comes from milk. She didn't start until around 10 months because she didn't need it.
Good luck!
I think you should introduce it when your baby is ready, earlier or later. If your baby isn't interested at 10mo, don't push it.

Both my babes were super eager to eat my baby foods and more than ready by 6mo. In fact, I wish I'd started earlier with my second when he started demanding food at 4mo. I waited just because it's supposed to be better, but instead I endured 2 months of heart wrenching evenings when he was starving, he'd nursed me dry, and I had to decide whether to give him formula (which I think is just evil) or make him CIO (which I also think is evil). Now that he's been eating for almost a month, and his digestive system is receptive to twice a day feedings of solids, I finally no longer have to supplement formula and this ezcema is going away.

I think if I'd listened to my baby and my instincts rather than treating the 6mo things like a rule, I could have saved my baby and I some heartache and stress.
I wanted to defend baby food quickly. Your baby's digestive system is used to a almost completely digestable diet of bm. It needs to be eased into digesting solids. It needs to learn how to extract nutrients from solids rather than just absorbing them outright like it can from bm. Pureeing easily digestable, non allergenic, and non constipating foods is a good first lesson for the digestive tract.

I've also found that if my dc was gagging on a particular food, diluting it further with water made it easier to eat.
My daughter is 7-1/2 months, and not on solids yet. She's just not ready- no teeth, barely sitting up and (most importantly) totally uninterested. I also don't think of it as "delaying solids"- to me, that would be if she was ready for solids, but I chose to keep her from them (perhaps b/c of allergies).

I have tried a few times giving her mashed up veggies or hummus or the like- she didn't swallow, and didn't like it.

My 10.5 month old only recently started eating solids. I had delayed starting them until he was about 7.5 months old, because of my own food allergies (I'm allergic to all raw fruits and veggies, I suspect because I was introduced to them waaay too early, so I'm a bit paranoid). But when we started the homemade purees, I could tell that he was having a hard time digesting them. He cried when having a bowel movement, and his poop looked like grass. I just wasn't comfortable about it, so we held off for a bit longer. We introduced them again when he showed a TRUE interest in them. And we ended up just going with soft fruits and veggies that he could feed to himself. He won't let me feed him.
So we kind of skipped the puree stage, and he's doing great.
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my ds is 8 1/2 mos old and no solids yet. i wanted to wait until he seemed ready. due to some family pressure i try a pureed single vegetable about once a week for about the lsat month.
the first time i did that i thought he would grab and wolf it down "mom! you've been STARVING me!" lol, not the case.
he'll play with the food and a little might make it into his mouth, but i certainly wouldnt call him interested.
i think when he's interested he'll grab at our food and not shut up until we give it to him.
DS did not start until 12 months.

WHY? Because that's when he told us he was ready. He had NO interest and so we did not push. Your babe will tell YOU when he/she wants to try food.

He would not even entertain a drop of avocado or banana on his lips. He went from 100% breast milk to black beans and chicken

He has JUST started becoming a regular eater now at 21 months, but still not "into" food like his little buddies.

I always figured, he'll eat when he's hungry, and I try to always have something on hand and try not to worry about it.
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I agree with boatbaby. Your babe will tell you when he/she is interested. My dd started solids at 6 months because she was super keen. Ds however, did not really start eating solids until he was 20 months old, and even then it was 50/50 breastmilk to solids. He just wasn't interested. Turns out he is celiac and dairy intolerant. It's like his body "knew" that the solid food we were offering wasn't good for him.
we introduced solids at 6 months and our daughter spit out or gagged on everything! We gave her a chance to try something every couple of weeks but we didn't push really, just offered and at the first hint of gagging or head turning we took the food away. No worries, she wasn't ready.

She'll be 1 on the 21st and she has just in the past month been starting to really get interested in solids. She won't touch purees at all even if she likes the food in whole form the second you turn it into a puree we get a turned head and a closed mouth! We let her self feed for the most part because then we know she's interested in what she's eating and we're not forcing her. She'll eat puffed brown rice like it's the best food in the world and also likes cut up grapes and chunks of steamed carrots and broccoli (new this week! It's so cute to watch her chew the top off a florette!) she also really likes beans and chick peas, chicken, potato, apple and pear. A good meal for her though is about 10 rice puffs and 1 cut up grape or 1 small broccoli and a 16th of an apple. So quantity isn't really there but she's getting used to manipulating food in her mouth and moving it there herself.

We noticed a HUGE change in her interest and her ability to manage her food when her teeth started to come in (she got her first tooth at 10.5 months) since then she's been trying everything.
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Originally Posted by kalirush
My daughter is 7-1/2 months, and not on solids yet. She's just not ready- no teeth, barely sitting up and (most importantly) totally uninterested. I also don't think of it as "delaying solids"- to me, that would be if she was ready for solids, but I chose to keep her from them (perhaps b/c of allergies).

I have tried a few times giving her mashed up veggies or hummus or the like- she didn't swallow, and didn't like it.

Hummus?! Like, a plain version with just the garbanzos, or garlic and all? I can't immagine a baby eating that... But, then again, I eat the spicy kind.
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Hummus?! Like, a plain version with just the garbanzos, or garlic and all? I can't immagine a baby eating that... But, then again, I eat the spicy kind

My dd scarfs down the spicy salsa my dh makes (it's actually too spicy for me to eat so it's pretty clear who'se genetic flavor preferences she's demonstrating there!). I have to admit, I didn't offer her the salsa but she grabbed a handful and popped it into her mouth...and reached for more! It's really amazing to me what little ones will eat (and WANT to eat) when you don't restrict them to "baby" foods.
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We did. My first showed no interest really in solid food. She ate some foods like cucumber slices and summer squash slices, or rather she munched on them steamed, but she didn't really start eating foods until around 11 months.

My second was eager to eat and started around 7 months.

Our baby now is having a lot of trouble tolerating foods. He seems interested in eating but his tongue thrust reflex is very strong still, and what he does get down causes gagging, spitting up, and later it causes him painful bowel movements. So needless to say, we're delaying solids for him. He's nine months now and we try every few weeks but so far, no success. I feel confident that with my milk nourishing him that he will be fine.
We tried solids at 6 months, and dd HATED them. I tried smushed up food, as well as pureed food from jars.

We tried again a month or so later, and she tolerated them -- eating maybe 1 Tbs per day. But then she stopped pooping. So I stopped giving her solids, and she doesn't seem to miss them at all (she's 8.5 months). I'm not worried about it, and I figure I'm just going to wait for her to take the lead on this. From what other mamas say, when she's ready, I'll know it, lol.

ETA: DD has SEVEN teeth, so I don't think getting teeth is always a good indicator for solids readiness, lol.
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