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did you just say...

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what i think you said...? omg, this morning my little ray of sunshine woke up at 3 or 4 am to say this "4...5...6...7...8...9." then he said something about din-din and fun, then went back to sleep. he counted 6 numbers!!!!!!!!! it was not easy for me to fall back to sleep (and once again, i'm so glad we cosleep or i would have missed that.)
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I know what you mean about cosleeping letting you in on little, priceless moments. I remember when my toddler was still signing most things, and she'd sign in her sleep. I can recall her "talking" about puppies, or horses.

More recently, we went through a spate of her doing a lot of mid-night muttering during a period of shallow/active sleep, and I could place most of the things she said as related to some issue we'd had during the day. She very clearly was working things out in her sleep, both the positives and the negatives. (Reliving how I took her shirt off and SHE wanted to do it, etc.)
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That's too funny. Those early morning utterances are so cute, aren't they?

My DD does something similar. Some of her newest words are said very early in the day. Her brain seems to be working over time at night. It's one of the best things about co-sleeping. I would miss all these great night time "talks" of hers if I had her in another room.
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My dd is ~20 months, has been counting too! She counts her fingers, toes, steps, toys...everything! Pretty amazing!

My dd says to me every morning "Hi mommy!" with a huge smile and looking right in my eyes. This morning she said, "You go down stairs?"

And Monday she said to her daddy while they looked at our big Maple tree "I like tree." So freaking adorable!
I was just thinking of how I would hate to miss all the cute little things my son says during sleep. He often wakes up just enough to turn toward me, grab my face with both hands, get nose to nose with me and say..."Wanna see mommy." and then he is back to sleep.
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