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Did you see the 4th of July soakers that BJ has?

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I think there is one left!

I thought I got the only one, but am watching another one, and wanted to see if they snuck any other ones up there.
What a great idea!
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I just got mine in the mail yesterday! It's really cute. The price has dropped, must be because it's close to the 4th. I'm also making Connor a t-shirt to match!
I have a red t-shirt that will go awesome with it! I cant wait! lol

Hey you with girls, I forget what page its on, but there is a really cute blue one with light blue embroidered flowers.....Verah cute!
I started looking all over for a 4th soaker a couple of weeks ago and couldn't find one instock that I do have one, they keep popping
That one is very cute!
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Oh and I got a couple of really cute 4th of July t-shirts at Target to go with the soaker and also with the Crystal's Cloth fitted and cover we got. They are SUPER inexpensive -- like $3.99.
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